Excuse the title, I think even Lana Del Ray herself, is sick of Lana Del Ray…

With Ibiza’s summer season well underway, we here at Whono’s can’t help but feel the chill here in Melbourne, imagining the extreme highs and sweeping lows of those living “la vida loca” right now.

I personally have always felt strongly magnetised to Ibiza, ever since I was a youth buying copies of Mixmag and watching Kevin & Perry Go Large on repeat (big girl, big girl). The eleven days I spent in Ibiza in 2011 and twelve in 2012 have left a gaping hole in my party soul. There were countless moments in which I needed to “have a quiet word with myself” to get myself back in the game.

So to keep you locked on to what to watch at this years closing parties, we’ve compiled the best closing sets of the past few years for your aural pleasure 😉 Wrap your ears well and truly around these sets before boarding that RyanAir flight (we wish you a safe trip). For those of you attending this decadent and hedonistic island for this summer’s closing parties, remember it’s a fun-run, not a sprint!

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