Roofest Hong Kong

A brand new festival is coming to Hong Kong this December, Roofest. The event/festival is reuniting DJs from all over the world with street artists at beautiful sites around Hong Kong. This cultural festival mixes the best of music and art to create something special. Events like these have been around in Australia and are more than likely to succeed in Hong Kong. To top it off there will be a “cook-yourself-a-dish” open BBQ, as well as bring your own drinks policy.

This artistic and musical event is hosted on the Easy Rooftop Garden in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong, on Saturday the 6th of December, from noon until midnight.

Music is run by Cliché records, who have booked acts such as Wilfred Giroux, Kaytranada, and Woodkid. As well as having plenty of awesome resident DJs, Fun Key being one of them. So check it out if you’re in town on December 6th.

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