Edu Imbernon & Los Suruba – Brutus EP


You can easily recognise a release from record label Suara with an close up image of a cats’ face. They seem to really like cats and hey, so do I! I also really like their style of music they’ve been releasing ever since I discovered them earlier this year. The label is based in Barcelona and run by DJ and producer Coju since 2008.

This release ‘Brutus’ comes from the Spanish guys Edu Imbernon and Los Suruba. It’s a nice minimal sounding track that suits well as a build up track before that peak hour on the dancefloor. A nice saw wave bass has been combined with echoing beeps and interesting synthesizer details, turning it into a kind of relaxed but mystical techno track. On the second track Audiojack has made a remix of ‘Brutus’ and turned it into something even darker and minimal with more bass, claps and hihats.

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