Redshape – Leaves EP


There’s a mysterious man hidden behind a red mask that has been taking the underground music scene with storm the last couple of years. His goes under the name Redshape, but after a quick Google research I was able to find out that his real name is Sebastian Kramer. This guy is yet another one coming from Germany with outstanding music productions. His performances stands out as a live DJ act using the Elektron Octatrack performance sampler and the Evolution UC33e MIDI Controller. With these tools he’s able to create smooth, relaxed and well produced music journey with several peaks and turns that keeps you involved. Check out his Boiler room set below and you get the idea:

Last Monday he released a new EP on record label Running Back, which is touching a more darker and heavier techno field but still pretty laid back. The whole EP is built upon the track ‘Leaves’, starting with the original track and then the 3 following tracks are different versions of it. The atmospherics in the track is some kind of crowd sample looped throughout the track that takes you into a packed night club on a late night out. There’s also an organic acid modular sound bouncing around and prodding you on together with the low double tapping kick drum.

A1. Original
A2. Stripped 2 Clip
B1. Rotated Mix
B2. Stripped 2 Clip & 303

Here’s the first track in full:

And here’s a preview stream of the whole EP:

Redshape will be coming back to Australia in November for the Stereosonic festival, hitting Melbourne the 4th of December.

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