October Top New Releases

October Chart Cover

What?? Is it really the last day of October? Yeez, this month has gone by quickly. But not without leaving some good tunes behind. As promised I will post the top new releases of each month within the minimal, tech house and techno sort of genre area, and anything else in between that catches my interest.

This month we have a couple of tracks from Paso Music; the first one from Marc Miroir the label boss himself, which is a minimal, laid back tune to gently get the groove on. Pascal FEOS turns it up a notch on the second tune with more bass and a nice shaky organic percussion element. Following up is Patrice Bäumel in a quirky techy style, and Funk D’Void‘s deep and high percussive track that makes you wanna dream far away into higher skies. Then we have some great big room tunes from Matt Sassari, Robert Babicz and Spanish troop Edu Imbernon and Los Suruba. Finishing up are Vermont on Kompakt with a deep and acidy sound and Marco Bocatto‘s captivating tech house track I’d love to dance to out in the club. Lastly but not least we have a track from Shall Ocin that takes you on a space ship journey through reverbing acid, blipping and pounding bass.

There you go! That was the top new releases this month. Have a listen and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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