Roofcloud Concept Series Line-up


Earlier last month, we wrote a small article about the latest festival to hit Hong Kong, Roofest. You can read it here. This sparked a genious relationship between art and music. There has always been a real link combining visual image with music. The artists’ imagination has to be sparked somehow right? This new series, The Roofcloud Concept Series, has been created by both Roofest and Whono’s to push musicians’ to the limit of their visual and audial imagination to come up with a completely original mix.

How it works is pretty simple, each DJ is given a unique image, they then go through their incredible library of music and generate a set that is purely inspired by that image. Each musician is completely free to do whatever they would like, whatever sparks in their mind first.

The line-up includes musicians from all over the globe; Australia, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, Sweden, France, Hong Kong, and the USA. And here it is in alphabetical order:

Alen P
Arbus Paik
Arnaud Dirckx
Luke Stein
Mile End Club
New York Cats
Phil Fortier
Tomas Malo
Vinyl Richie
+ More to come

First mix is released on December 6th!
All mixes can be heard on Soundcloud, Tumblr, Facebook, Youtube, Mixcloud, and

Below is a small teaser of what to expect from these musicians.

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