Review: Röyksopp – The Inevitable End


Label: POD / Inertia
Release date: 7 November 2014

After 16 years the Norwegian electronic duo Röyksopp has now decided to come to their “inevitable end”. They have been touring with Swedish pop queen Robyn this year with their mini album “Do It Again”. In the beginning of the New Year they will come to Australian shores in time for their final album. Svein and Torbjørn will keep on making music but this will be the last thing from them in a traditional album format.

It’s a complete album of 17 tracks that while listening through gave me the feeling Röyksopp was taking a sad but still hopeful good bye. It has a gloomy and slow paced appearance with carefully selected elements to each track, with a few more upbeat exceptions like “Monument (T.I.E version)”, “Running To The Sea” and “I Had This Thing”. While the first and second tracks mentioned are already being played on the radio, the latter has a high likelihood to become a new radio hit next year. The Scandinavian duo also included a second track from their latest collaboration with Robyn, but with a slight twist. “Do It Again” appears as a jazzy electronica track with lots of brassy synth pads.

Most of the tracks are however quite emotional with slow paced beats, like “Coupe The Grace” and “You Know I Had To Go” that lets you dream away and delve into whatever feeling you’re trying to supress at the moment. “Rong MSTR” is a cheeky exception showing some attitude with the lyrics “What the fuck is wrong with you?” going on repeat. There are also some Daft Punk related influences involved in the first track “Skulls” and “Thank You”.

I might be a bit biased because I’m a huge Robyn fan, so I do admit that I like that upbeat misery meets techno pop from the “Do It Again” album, or their earlier electronic synth pop work more than their gloomy and melancholy side. But apart from that “The Inevitable End” is a decent electronic album that feels very personal and honest. It’s that sort of record I would put on while sitting on the plane to somewhere far away, or when I just need to get some time off for myself.


Röyksopp and Robyn will finish off their “Do It Again” tour in Australia early next year and I can’t wait to see them performing live together. What will happen with Röyksopp after this I am not sure of, but I’m anticipated to see where their new direction will be leading them.

You can stream their full album here.

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