San Holo – Don’t Touch The Classics

Coming straight out of the Netherlands is one of the newest and my most favourite artists, San Holo [Heroic Recordings]. This guy knows beats, be it trap, tech, electronica, or just some heavy heavy bass. He caught my eye with his huge release of “Fly” earlier last month, this one is a massive original beat.

Lately San has started to release a series of mixes and remixes of classic hip hop tunes, he’s called it “Don’t Touch The Classics.” There are plenty more to come, but these few he has released have been incredibly different and inspired. I remember getting down to these bad boys back in the early 00’s and late 90’s. Remember Eminem’s 8 Mile? Lose yourself was my tune! What about 50 Cent’s In Da Club? Or Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, or Outkast? He’s got them all, plus an incredible mixtape to follow it all up.

Get down with this guy because he’s going in the right direction. And stay tuned for the full remix EP coming out soon. For now, check out Dr. Dre with Snoop Dogg, Outkast, and the latest one, Eminem. Plus an epic mixtape to sum it all up.

Check out his soundcloud here!

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