V.A. – Watergate 17


One of the most famous underground clubs in Berlin is also running their own label – Watergate Records – and a couple of weeks ago they released a new EP of three tracks from three different artists. The EP is part of the full album with the same title Watergate 17 that was released last month.

The whole album has been mixed by the German techno duo Pan Pot who has been involved with Watergate for many years. In this EP they’ve got Martin Eyerer, Stephan Hinz and Clint Stewart providing us with some great tech and deep house tracks. First out is “Reckless” with a pulsing low-pitched lead synth supported by a subtle thudding bass, keeping the tension throughout the track with an interesting synth jumping around on top of this. After this nice start we have “Hungry” which is a funkier deep tech house track with dub inspired beats and a nice repeating lead synth. Lastly but not least we have “Drenched” that takes us back to deeper house sounds with brassy leads and nice chord progressions. All in all a nice release from the heart of Berlin’s underground club scene.

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