Huxley – I Want You [Aus Music]

huxley i want you

British producer Michael Dodman aka Huxley  released a new single on Aus Music last Monday which is his first single release from his debut album. He is however not a newbie in the house scene having produced music since 2009 and released several tracks on labels such as Tsuba Records2020 Vision and Hypercolour.

He’s been known for his UK Garage and Bass style but has lately been moving towards a more deeper sound which this release is proof of. The first track “I Want  You” is a downbeat deep house track with pumping high hats and a soft wobbly bassline. On the next track Huxley himself has made a remix of it in true UK Bass spirit with a dubby bass as the main element of the track and sweeping, echoing vocals sealing it up. The second remix of this track is made by  Youandewan which takes the song back down to deeper grounds, still focused around that bass but with more atmospheric high hats and pads coming through. Lastly on this release we have “Sphere”, a real jacking deep house track I’m sure will wake anyone sleeping on the dance floor.

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