Alan Fitzpatrick – Turn Down The Lights [Drumcode]

Alan Fitzpatrick - Turn down the lights

British Mr Fitzpatrick has dropped a new techno bomb on the Swedish label Drumcode, giving us three levels of heavy kick drum beats. Track number 1 “Turn Down The Lights” goes deep house meet techno with snappy beats and a bouncy bassline. Next level down we have “Organic” that thickens up the kick drum to a strong pounding beat with a boiling bass pulsing in the background. While a vocal sample goes “It’s time for a revolution” the 909 hi hats fires away, giving hints of Detroit house influences.

In the last track, “The Catalyst”, we go down to the third level where the kick is heavier than ever and a big bass thumping along. A stuttering synth melody goes through the whole track, traveling up and down in pitch to keep it interesting, teamed up with lots of hi hats. To sum it up; this fresh release gives you some heavy techno tossed through with various house inspirations. Try to sit still!

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