Review: Caribou – Our Love


Label: CITY SLANG / Inertia
Release date: 3 October 2014

The music mastermind Dan Snaith released his 4th album under his pseudonym Caribou last month, which follows up “Swim” in 2010. But he hasn’t been lazy in between these releases since he released another album in 2012 under the name Daphni called “Jiaolong” that he made with inspiration from the dance floor.  The Canadian producer emphases a lot on modular synth melodies and percussive rhythms which you can hear in all of his latest creations. Throughout the years his music has shifted towards electronic music more and more, and this new compilation is certainly within that field although not as clubby as “Jiaolong”.

“Our Love” is a very exquisite album that draws inspiration from different genres but still encaptures the sound of Caribou – a delicious mix of electronic synth pop. The first track “Can’t Do Without You” has already made big success in the music world and is a great opening that sets the tone of the album. Snaith uses vocal samples recorded by him in this happy-sad pop electronica track that’s looping throughout the song with live recorded drums and a deep modular synth traveling through.

The second track “Silver” is a slower track with calming lyrics, crushed percussions and a soft wobbly bass. “All I Ever Need” goes in the same tune with a bit more deeper sounds, and they’re both quite emotional love songs. The track “Our Love” that named the album picks up a fatter bassline with deep house influences.

All tracks are made with such perfection, every element sits nicely within the soundscape and the beats moves the music forward without taking too much focus from the modulating melodies that moves around the room, filtered in and out keeping the music alive.  In the eighth track “Julia Brightly” he speeds it up but puts the jacking house beat very subtly in the mix leaving space for the massive phasing synth, and in “Mars” he goes into a drum and bass inspired jungle rhythm with a deep bass kick and playful flute accompanied by vocal loops.

The two last tracks slows it down again into that soothing deep Caribou mode that makes me press “repeat” to hear it all again. Dan Snaith has accomplished to make another great release that proofs his great skills as a musician and producer. It’s something you listen to at home or in your car to wind down or to just get some comforting tunes in your ears. After this release I’m looking forward to more clubby tunes from his other projects under the Daphni alias, but I can imagine that some of these tracks will also end up on the dance floor in some form. His latest Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1 is a great example of how this can sound like.

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