Kindness – Who Do You Love feat. Robyn


The British pop artist Kindness (real name Adam Bainbridge) has released a music video for his song “Who Do You Love” featuring Robyn, and it’s quite a personal piece from both of them. In the video there are portraits of people from the nearest family and friends of Kindness and Robyn looking straight into the camera with a serious expression but sometimes bursting into a smile or laugh while Robyn is singing in her genuine and sincere voice. It’s a cute track with a loose stringed bass guitar and funky beats, bright keyboard and guitar melodies. The song is part of Kindness newly released album “Otherness” on POD via Inertia.

There is so much information in the faces of people,” explains Robyn. And some of the people I love more than anything are in this video together with people that mean the world to Adam, so for me it has many dimensions. But for anyone watching it has a beautiful way of communicating the different layers in the song.

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