Gig Review: Motez at Stereo Club [Montreal]


After hearing the great Adelaide producer and DJ was heading over to Montreal, I had to take the time out to see this genius at work. The gig was barely advertised, but to be playing at the European inspired club, Stereo Club, is no easy feat. Several different sites were all announcing something pretty unique, free entry, cheap drinks, international producer, and a mega long set.

Setting the mood of the night, this maestro of the decks dropped a relatively new track from Disclosure, Frontin’ by Pharrell and Jay Z. This crowd was more relative to a European early morning venue, people were there to dance and have fun. Even though this was a free gig, the crowd was pristine, however there was plenty of room for more people. Early in the night, Motez was having a blast, shooting smiles with a wink here and there, high fives all round, and the odd ‘clap to the beat’ encouragement.

After the hour mark when the crowd had worked up a well earned sweat, the devil behind the decks drops his best (my opinion) track to date, Gas Pedal. The Funktion One’s are going in overdrive, and the best sound system I’ve ever had the pleasure to hear pound that bass. This is a rare treat, as Motez rarely plays his own tracks at any small club gigs. Just try to wipe the smile from my face.

A few minutes pass and my ears perk up again, is that Madison Avenue I hear? Why yes it is. Crowd drops again, hair sticks to your face and the person next to you. Lights go off, bass pumps, and the floor moves like a wave. In a few minutes more the crowd is about to be treated to something very special. Motez’s tour manager (or something similar) for the US and Canada pulls me to the side of the stage and warns me. He’s about to drop something that’s never been heard before. Get ready partiers because this really is something out of this world. A heavy bass number with a huge reverb and that classic bob and jive sound. I tilt my head back in amazement and let the sound of those Funktion One speakers take over. I wasn’t given a release for it, but it sounded close to a release for me.

If there was anything to take away from this gig, go see Motez, what are you waiting for? He’s got a tour coming up in the US next year, so check out his Facebook for dates.


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