E&S DJR 400 Portable Rotary Mixer

There are a huge amount of mixers out there these days. What’s your favourite brand? Pioneer? Behringer? Numark? Denon? There are so many. Well E&S, not a very cheap brand, released this attractive looking mixer back in 2012. It’s not new, but it’s been popping up everywhere at the moment. Known for their quality and the amount of famous people who use it, this thing is sexy as hell.

DJR400 is a very new concept of “travel” mixer, the idea is to be able to carry it with you anywhere, very easy to plug with it’s back connections, it includes all the specifications of the DJR100D in a 4 lines portable mixer! You don’t have to « rack » it or do a long soundcheck you can just plug it in a system and play, controling the room’s system with the very powerfull integrated cross over.

The key selling points to this bad boy are pretty simple and obvious: Small, light, easy to use, and the best quality you can get out of a mixer with vinyl anywhere.

The cost is no surprise, $3000 is the estimate for this hand-made piece of beauty.


  • Dimensions: 280mm x 210mm x 70mm
  • Bandwidth – 1db: 10-25 000 Hz
  • Switchable inputs 1 & 3: phono/line
  • Input 2: phono
  • Input 4: line
  • Integrated crossover isolator (10 – 300 Hz / 300 – 3000 Hz / 3000- 25000 HZ)
  • Master and booth: RCA and XLR balanced
  • Output level (XLR) up to +22 dBm
  • Effect loop on master and booth output
  • PFL: pushbutton mixable monitor to phones
  • External power suply
  • ALPS potentiometer
  • Total weight: 2,8 Kg
  • Option: Send effect on each channel

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