Hot off the back of supporting South African exports Die Antwoord, USA’s own DOGFINGAZ (Adam Hazzard) dropped by to talk beats and future plans ahead of his forthcoming release ‘OZ’ on Indigenous Records.

Rick: How do you think growing up in Shelby Township shaped your music?
Adam: Growing up, it was the people I grew up with, you know going to high school, junior high, you know it gave me an influence of the music they listened to and it comes across in the music I make now. I was trying to a G back then (laughs), bumpin’ in my truck and stuff like that; trying to show off & be a ‘cool kid’ in high school. Bass music was definitely a big influence for me in high school and all that type of stuff and it definitely made producing bass music a lot easier because I knew what I wanted to make and how to make that music. I took elements from that style and used my own as well, and that’s why my type of music isn’t really like trap persee, it’s more the 808 elements and the hi-hats, my own synth lines and own unique styling!

New stuff coming out?
The new tracks took too many directions, was going to be a crazy electro, EDM styled trap song – very mainstream stuff, but then I played around with it some more, got more smoother and deeper, deep house inspired per-see but i went in all sorts of directions. I didn’t want to do the standard trap patterns, i wanted to do some four-on-the-floor elements in like Euro type stuff and I blended that in with the trap drum patterns for me to do things on Ableton trying things trying to make new sounds and progress my own sound, and find my right sound for myself! It was definitely an adventure!


We’re looking forward to hearing it! I listened to your set with Die Antwoord, that was crazy! How was it to play alongside them?
It was one of the biggest shows I ever played at – Livenation hit me up out of all the trap DJ’s in Detroit, Michigan; they could have picked anybody else and I got the call, I was very very flattered to say the least. Because these guys were huge, I didn’t even realise how big they were til i remembered they do that “I think you’re freaky and I like you a lot” and I was like ‘oh those guys, shiiiit!’. It was cool, very cool! There was 2,000 people at the show before I even stepped on stage. My mum was so proud of me, I kept saying “I did it Ma!” I felt so blessed!

Would have been crazy! What was your favoruite album/artist and why?
I’ve really been into Riton & Jack Bass, they’re Texas based, I also like BeazyTymes Times, he’s out of Chicago, Benasis too and they’ve been putting out singles for ages and I’ve been playing all their stuff as much as I can – very trap ass stuff! These dudes are doing off the wall type stuff, using velocity on synths coming in and out, different sounds, new-skool type stuff that I’m really into now! These are the guys I’d love to collab with at some stage, would be really tight!

Playing and on tour, what’s the best thing you’ve seen on tour?
I was playing at a festival in Shephard, Michigan and Milk & Cookies were there with a few other acts and we’re all chilling backstage and I went to my car and came back and there was like two or three picnic tables completely smashed, these guys didn’t even know what happened – they said the tables crumbled but they obviously were bodyslamming people onto them and there was candy jars filled with condoms – I didn’t know what was happening.

I’d never crowd surfed before and there’s so much trust in people to carry you. I love it now, it’s awesome!

Fav thing about music industry, other than stage diving?
No boundaries. You can take anything and turn it into something else. You can take 50’s, 60’s music and turn it into 2014 bangers. No limits. You can remix, bootleg all this and original music really shows what type of person you are and that’s why I like it so much. I turned to dance music when I was 18, I heard Benny Benasi for the first time (laughs), he got me started into all electronic music but I soon switched my way to trap styled stuff when it came out like Flostradamus major lazor remix –  I was like wow, it’s different, the whole ATL style trap scene into the mainstream type stuff and that’s when I picked it up.

Who are you signed to at the moment? They’re independent, yeah?
Yeah, first song was with Indigenous, the guys are pretty cool – Alan, talked to him, he’s very straight forward, respectable and a mate. I want to expand my music and these indepedents are able to push out my work to people who can understand my music and me better. I couldn’t think of a better label to sign with first, the guys are great!

What’s your future plans?
Working on getting my tour schedule up, hitting up as many cities as possible and see what different scenes are out there and figure out where the best bass scene is, I’ve heard Colorado is huge for bass in the States – I’d love to go out and play it for those guys, I’ve got plans to go there in December, January and July!

And what about Australia?
That’s up to you guys! It’s hard for me to get involved with people but I want the good people of Australia to really stick their foot out and help me out. That’s what I’m trying to get at with my music! You need a possy to grow and I have a very great group of people that have helped me furthering my experience as an artist and want that to happen in Australia! My buddy Skywalk Danny Brown’s touring DJ/Producer, they played at The Melbourne Arena, very classical place. We were in a metal band when we were 17 and he’s always made beats and he got picked up by Danny when he heard his beats and said ‘let’s work together’ and an opportunity to unfold like that for me would springboard me into the cycle of being a touring artist and DJ would be the dream for sure!

You can get DOGFINGAZ‘s latest single “OZ” on December 9th! Download it here!

 With this talented future and bass drive producer set to explode on the international stage soon, we highly recommend you take a moment of your time to indulge in the legend that is, DOGFINGAZ.


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