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I’m pleased to present the creative and talented Geelong girl Akaysha Rose Davey, aka Ok Sure, who has been working with electronic music for a long time now. She’s signed with the touring and promotions company Thick As Thieves and is a common name amongst live DJs in Melbourne. Today she is exclusively sharing her track “Tribes (Slo Jam Sitar Mix)” with us, as well as her thoughts on music production.

How would you describe your music?

”I make a pretty broad variety of music depending what mood I’m in or what has inspired me, but lately I mainly make downtempo melodic electronica, usually a 4/4 beat sometimes with tribal or industrial or cosmic elements.”

What made you start to produce your own music?

”I’ve always been interested in music, when I was about 6 I started piano lessons then went on to guitar and drums a bit later. I developed an interest in electronic music when I was about 13, I can’t really remember what got me into it but I felt it was something I could have complete control over as trying to start a band with friends never really eventuated.”

What gear do you use when you produce?

“My first piece of gear was a Roland MC505 and I used programs like Fruity Loops and Acid then moved to Ableton about 8 years ago. I mainly use plugins now like Massive, Sylenth, FM8 and lots of samples I’ve collected over the years.”

Where do you find your sounds for this track, like the didgeridoo sounds and the male vocals?

”I’ve been collecting sounds almost half my life, I think I have over 200 thousand sounds in my library that I just scroll through till I find something that inspires me. I collect a lot of tribal/African/world loop CDs and take elements of those and add them with more contemporary dance sounds.”

Do you have a specific plan about what to make when you start a new track?

“Sometimes I might have a rough idea of what I want to do but most of the time it turns into something completely different, there is no real method to my madness, just a lot of playing around until something comes together and works.”

Have you signed any of your music and in that case with what label(s)?

“I’ve released one original under Ok Sure and maybe a dozen remixes in the last 3 years for the Amsterdam label Domina Productions.”

I know you’re a great electronic live artist, how do you build a live set from your music?

”At the moment I play out of Ableton and have a base track and add vocals and extra sounds over the top but I have just bought an Ableton Push and trying to learn how to use that for live shows, it’s a bit intimidating and confusing though…”

Do you mostly do live shows now or do you still DJ a lot?

“I probably DJ more than I do live shows and I probably only play live once every few months.”

What are your music plans in the near future?

“I’ve been thinking about starting my own label, I probably have enough material for about 3 albums. I’m also applying to play at a lot of festivals and just got booked for my first one at Rainbow Serpent. Hopefully I will collaborate with other people and maybe adding extra stuff to the live show like a drummer and just locking myself in the studio.”

Ok Sure is right now playing at Rainbow Serpent festival in Lexton, Victoria.

Listen to Ok Sure’s track ‘Tribes (Slo Jam Sitar Mix)’ below! 

UNRELEASED SERIES will feature music producers who will share an unsigned track exclusively at Whono’s Music. This first round will be a Melbourne edition with 6 local producers, 2 each month from January to March. Each blog post will contain an interview with the producer to get an insight into their musical world and who they are. 

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