Piknic Électronik #3 – Interview with Phil K

Phil K whonos + piknic elektronic image

As the first weeks of summer is fast approaching we are already closing up on the third episode of Piknic Électronik in Melbourne. This time Whono’s Music has got the chance to ask the legendary DJ and producer Phil K a few questions about music. He has travelled the world doing several DJ tours, has won prizes for ‘Best Dance Compilation’ and ‘Best Radio Show’ and is a mastermind when it comes to music and DJ gear. On Sunday he will be supporting international guest Sasse [Moodmusic] at Testing Grounds.

What does music mean to you?

“Music is my friend when there is nobody else around and has never let me down. Music is my natural antidepressant. Music has been my ticket to the world. Music has introduced me to most of my friends.”

According to Wikipedia you started DJ-ing at your school’s disco. Was DJ-ing a dream of yours or a way to get the teachers quiet?

“Yes, this is true. I had a passion for music and had the most records at school so was always called in to play them, and I was also really fascinated by beat mixing. I realised quickly that I really enjoyed entertaining people and that I got lots of attention from girls and all the cool kids so I just kept doing it and kept setting new goals for myself. This ended up taking me to places that I would never have dreamed of getting to as a pimply fat kid.”

What is your secret to maintaining a rockin’ dancefloor?

“I really don’t have a secret. If anything, I must admit that I am very selfish and all I have ever done is to go out and entertain myself first and foremost. It either works or bombs really bad, so over the years I have restricted myself to only playing where I think what I do will work.”

How has your music style changed over the years?

“I believe that like a doctor or a lawyer I “practice” music as I can never fully know it. By learning and listening your taste will always change and so it should. If it doesn’t then you are doing it wrong or are really closed minded. I can honestly say that I have played and liked every form of electronic music over the years and in fact I am more open minded and eclectic now than I have ever been.”

What’s your biggest music influence at the moment?

“Tipper, Mr. Bill, Andrew Weatherall, Caribou, Todd Terje, Mark Ronson, Jamie Woon, Jon Hopkins, Ben Khan, Jai Paul, Pedestrian and James Zabiela.”

You’ve been selling DJ and music gear for a long time – what are you most excited about today’s music technology?

“I love the fact it’s getting cheaper and easier to use by the day. Favourite items include Moog SUB 37, Elektron boxes, Ableton Push, Roland TR8 and TB3, Event Opal. DJ gear I’m still loving is Traktor Pro and Pioneer equipment.”

Over the years you’ve been involved with several music projects like running a radio show, night club events and music collaborations – any new projects coming up in the near future?

“I will still be doing our monthly Slomotion Social Club parties on Saturdays at My Aeon in Brunswick, and I’m also starting a night called “Version A” on Friday nights at Little and Olver in Fitzroy with my favourite new and old DJs. I will go back into the studio where I have not ventured for a few years with old time partner in crime Danny Bonnici which is really exciting!”

Piknic Elektronik Melbourne launched 3 weeks ago in Melbourne; this innovative weekly summer program first started in Montreal and has since expanded globally to include a location in Barcelona and now all the way to Oz. Piknic Electronik #3 – Sunday 25th January @ Testing Grounds will feature Sasse, Phil K, Andee Frost, Matt Radovich & Mike Buhl and is SOLD OUT, to keep up to date with future dates, you can visit their Facebook page.

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