The Colder, The Better: A Review of the January 24th Igloofest in Montreal

Credits: Vi Photographie

Montreal: the only place on Earth where the temperature can reach +40oC during summer, and -40oC during winter. No, that fact is not scientifically proven.

Do not be mistaken, though. Montrealers like to party all year long – and outside, if possible – no matter the temperature. If you doubt that fact, you should come to Igloofest. This event comes from the same family as the Piknics Electroniks, except that you replace swimsuits, tank tops and cold wine by ugly snowsuits, fancy fur hats and mulled wine.

This year’s Igloofest presents 4 weekends of pure electronic music: techno, tech-house, house, trap music, piu-piu (the typical trap-ish Montreal sound), everything is there except – thank God – EDM music. Just to name a few, #Igloo2015 has hosted or will host in the next weeks outdoor parties with Gui Boratto, Loco Dice, Tiga, Midland, M.A.N.D.Y., Oliver Heldens, Justin Martin, Flosstradamus and The Gaslamp Killer. “Hot”, you said? More like “cool”. Badum-tss.

To give you a taste of this rather unique event, I will review each day I attend and outline the best musical moments of the night.

To start off, last weekend’s Saturday night saw Kölsch destroy everything, while Deetron, who was supposed to close the night, was replaced by techno veteran Joel Mull due to illness. Also on the bill were Quebec DJs Rue Palm, Duo-Tang (I swear that’s his name) and Ponsolo doing a B2B with Ledisko.

Arriving around 20:15 gave us a small taste of Rue Palm’s opening set, a rather soft one, ended by the excellent song Sun, by Caribou. It felt good to hear some of his old tracks, after a couple of months hearing only his new ones.

Kölsch was the one act I really wanted to see, and he gave me what I came for. He showed his mixing skills by mixing Videotape by Radiohead with what I presume was Endlessness by Minilogue (as he did on his Balance Presents album mix).

He also dropped huge songs such as the Maceo Plex remix of Sordid Affair and I don’t know about you guys, but I get crazy as soon as a remix by this guy gets dropped in a set.

His set was also full of his own tracks, such as this year’s all-over-the-place Cassiopea, and the brand new Punchbuggy.

After that, all the sets seemed pretty boring to be honest. Or maybe was it the overwhelming presence of annoying French tourists? Ha, Igloofest!

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