The Cold Is Only In Your Mind: Igloofest January 31 2015


© Whono’s Music

What can I say about my first Igloofest experience… It was cold. I don’t mean just cold, but I mean -32oC and snowing cold. The kind of cold that numbs your toes and fingers in the space of 5 minutes or less. Now try dealing with that while your slipping over on the ice and drinking to your hearts content. Talking about drinks, mulled wine goes down a treat close to boiling point.


© Whono’s Music

Don’t let all this cold talk fool you though, the crowd is red hot and the tunes match the commitment. I was lucky enough to listen to a few heavy hitters Saturday night. The likes of M.A.N.D.Y., Cassy, and some new favourites of mine; Relish House Mafia. Even said a cheeky hello to the two from Berlin and the UK goddess.

party people

© Whono’s Music

The night started out quiet enough with a handful of the faithful turning up to local act MightyKat. She played a solid set, dropping a huge bass throbbing track on the occasion, but kept to her deep and tech house super standard. Around the grounds, there were plenty of typically Canadian things to do. Pick at a frozen Jagermeister in ice, get nice and wet sliding down an ice slide, make your own beat with the Sapporo tin drums, or play some ice hockey wearing huge fat suits (a personal favourite to watch).


© Whono’s Music

As more and more winter warriors started to stampede their way into the igloo, Cassy glided onto the decks with class and style. Whilst on the second stage, Eastern European act Relish House Mafia tuned in as a crowd favourite. Dropping classic house anthems as well as those pounding bass tracks. No bangers of course, but the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Heads Will Roll came close. People were dancing through the snow, projections were on every wall, lasers filled the night’s sky, the festival had just kicked up a notch.


© Whono’s Music


© Whono’s Music

10:30 and the headliners make themselves known. The Berliners know how to play a crowd and they know how to have fun. Not a moment later and the snow starts a deluge of white goodness. That was when I clocked off, no more photos, no more attention, the night was over as soon as M.A.N.D.Y. started playing. They truly deserve their status of house greats.


© Whono’s Music

Next up on Friday, Dubfire!

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