Until Next Winter: Igloofest February 6 2015


© Whono’s Music

It was Friday the 6th of February, snow was pelting down and the wind was sweeping it up like a whirlwind – perfect conditions for the last week of Igloofest here in Montreal. Crowds pushed in as soon as the gates opened, they didn’t have to wait long to starting pumping to local act, Jimmy Be. Not long after that, had the snow stopped, almost as if warming up just for the producer from Barcelona, Mr. Paco Osuna. This man all the way from Spain dropped a crazy amount of heavy bass tunes. And it wasn’t long before I heard one of my personal favourites; Jack, oh yeah, Jack baby.


© Whono’s Music

The crowd came dressed to impress this night, plenty of wrestlers, Russians, even the Power Rangers! (Unfortunately they’d lost one to the cold). Without a doubt, the items of choice were a beanie, boots, and your mum’s ski outfit from the 80’s. Wandering into the Scène Vidéotron Mobile stage, local act Dead Horse Beats was killing it with his signature electro style. Even dropping another local favourite track; Say My Name, Oh oh oh oooh.

© Whono’s Music

© Whono’s Music

People pushed and shoved their way into the main stage, and that could only mean one thing… The one, the only, Dubfire was starting. Lasers hovered above the fans like a roof to the sky, smoke rose up and the noise echoed throughout. Dubfire’s set was much harder than you’d expect, something the people loved! The ground shook and bounced in time with every beat, the make-shift mosh pit was a sea of dance, and cheers shot out at every mix. If you ever get the chance, go see Dubfire, you won’t regret it in the slightest.

© Whono’s Music

© Whono’s Music

That’s all until next year, whatever you do, don’t miss out on a festival that is so unique, nothing on this Earth can compare.

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