Worthy Ready for Australian Tour [Dirtybird / Anabatic]


Bass house DJ and producer Worthy is one of  the founders of the kick-ass Dirtybird parties in San Francisco alongside Claude von Stroke, Justin and Christian Martin. He had his breakout track 10 years ago on the Dirtybird label and last year he released his debut full-length album on his own label Anabatic Records called “Disbehave”. He will arrive in Australia this weekend to drop his bassy tunes, paying Revolver Upstairs in Melbourne a visit on Friday 27th.

What made you move to San Francisco in 2001 to pursue your music career?>

“It was Justin Martin who got me out to SF. We met in College in New York City  and he transferred schools to SF half way through. Once school was done and I had no idea what to do, he suggested I come out to SF and check out the electronic music scene. He said it was going off like no other.  So I went out for a week and was totally blown away at how amazing the parties were and how much fun the city was. When I returned to the east coast, I decided it had to happen and a month later I moved to the left coast to go after my dream.”

How’s the electronic music scene like in San Francisco – the capital of Dirtybird Records – compared to the rest of US?

“It is super vibrant. There are always a ton of amazing parties going on almost every night of the week, and people here are really into going out and dancing and supporting the community. So pretty much every party is solid. At times it can feel like overkill because there are so many artists you want to go to see but you just can’t make it to everyone. I mean, it’s not a bad problem to have.”

What got you into the “booty-clapping bass” house music?

“I just always love bass. I started off playing bass in bands and I was first into DJing Drum n’ Bass. So bassy house music is just something I naturally fell in love with, and having that ghetto booty mixed with it is the perfect combo for me.”

Your album ‘Disbehave’ on your own label Anabatic Records stands out from your previous creations and the classic Dirtybird sound – in what manner did your approach on this album differ from previous productions?

“I wanted to pull down all of the constraints and boundaries that I put on myself as a producer. I was always trying to make that floor slamming track and it started making me feel stale as an artist. So when I started the album I wanted to explore different sounds and take inspiration from new places. That is why I called the album “Disbehave.” I had such a fun time doing it and it was so refreshing that I feel like I grew so much in the process as an artist.”

What is the aim for the sound of Anabatic Records?

“I am just trying to find new artists to bring up and keep on putting out the high quality music that people expect from the label. I don’t know what to really call the sound I look for, I just know it when I hear it. I am going to keep on looking for it and keep on putting it out.”

What are you looking forward to the most on your Australian tour?

“I can’t wait to play in Australia since it has been a minute since I did a proper tour. All of the cities are so great and I can’t wait to see them again and play from everyone down there. I also can’t wait to  see my friends that I usually see when they come through SF or Burning Man, like Yolanda Be Cool. It is going to be a fun time. I have been looking forward to it for months.”

You recently released a new track on Dirtybird called ‘So Delicious’ which is a part of the label’s 10 year anniversary compilation – what else can we expect to hear from you this year?

“My next big project is the remixes from “Disbehave” Part 1 – coming out on February 24th and Part 2 on March 17th.  I have a slough of amazing artists from Yolanda Be Cool, Stanton Warriors, Thugfucker, Matt Tolfrey, Nick Monaco, and so many more. After that I have a remixes for the Staton Warriors and M Machine coming out. As well as some originals I am sitting on that I am currently shopping to labels…still figuring out where they will end up.”

Tour dates

Friday 20th February – Geisha, Perth
Saturday 21st February – Coco Lounge, Brisbane
Sunday 22nd February – Nautic Giants, Gold Coast
Friday 27th February – Revolver, Melbourne
Saturday 28th February – Beach Haus, Sydney

Have a listen to Pezzner’s remix of Worthy’s track “I Get” that’s coming out on “Disbehave Remixes Part 1” on February 24th. It’s a free download too!

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