Piknic Électronik #8 – Interview with Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome PE image

This week Piknic Électronik will be held at its new main location – the Paddock at Federation Square. I know the guys has worked hard to land this venue and I’m very excited to check it out along with another great DJ line up. Today we’re having a chat with the DJ duo Stockholm Syndrome which consist of the Scottish Iain Mac aka Pyz and the Aussie Brett Wilson aka Wil-tron. These guys knows how to have fun behind the DJ decks and to throw great parties, and they are supporting Acid Pauli this Sunday at the 8th installment of Piknic Électronik. 

Your name “Stockholm Syndrome” makes me curious – what made you chose this name?

Wil-tron: “Pyz came up with the name and originally the idea was that we’d do a series of events playing really long sets with no real parameters. The music could get quite weird or alienating over the course of the night but by the end of it everyone’s into it.”

Pyz: “I like the connotation of Stockholm Syndrome in regards to a DJ performance. Not everyone will love what the DJ is doing all of the time but over the course of that performance they bond, there’s an understanding and an appreciation of what’s being conveyed.”

How would you describe your sound?

Pyz: “John Carpenter making sweet love to a wookie.”

Wil-tron: “Neo-post-punk future analog that my mum doesn’t like.”

How did you two meet?

Wil-tron: “I was putting on a little monthly party called Backyard with another friend of mine where we’d have a couple of different guests in each month and he suggested we book Pyz. I saw him play at one of the Yaldi Boomtime parties and heard he was doing well with his Stray parties so we got him to play for us.”

When did you decide to start this project?

Pyz: “Think it was summer 2013 when I first thought about it. I was stuck in Scotland with a badly broken arm and unable to fly back to Australia I had a lot of down time to trawl SoundCloud. ‘A Love From Outer Space’ with Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnson really grabbed me and I didn’t think anyone in Australia was pushing that sound very much. I have always DJ’d solo so I wanted to try something different and having heard Brett DJ I felt he was really akin to the sort of sound I liked and approached him with the idea of performing together back to back.”

How does your individual music backgrounds complement each other?

Wil-tron: “We actually have quite a similar music background in terms of what we grew up listening to and how we came to electronic music. From there I went into producing and performing live while Pyz went more in the direction of DJing and organising events. I think the combination of both, the production and the DJ mindsets really compliments each other.”

What has been your craziest gig together so far?

Pyz: “Stray at Revolver Australia Day weekend last year. We played a 3 hour set in the band room and it was manic. I’ve never seen the place so busy, people were literally climbing the walls.”

Wil-tron: “Yeah that was the craziest gig I’ve ever played at. It was a struggle to keep the needles from skipping cause people were all over the stage and it was bouncing up and down from everyone jumping around.”

What are your future plans for Stockholm Syndrome?

Pyz: “Over the last few months we’ve started to work on some original productions so we’ll definitely focus more on getting into the studio, making noise and hopefully having a release. We’ve been shortlisted on a remix comp for one our favourite artists which we’re really excited about.”

Wil-tron: “We’re also in the early stages of developing a website to push our sound and all the stuff we’re into and we want to launch a regular pod cast or radio type spot.”

Piknic Elektronik Melbourne launched January this year in Melbourne; this innovative weekly summer program first started in Montreal and has since expanded globally to include a location in Barcelona and now all the way to Oz. Piknic Electronik #8 – Sunday 1st March will feature Acid Pauli, Uone, Liam Waller, Who & Stockholm Syndrome. To keep up to date with future dates, you can visit their Facebook page.

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