Piknic Élecronik #10 – Interview with Andee Frost

Andee Frost PE image

We’ve had a little break from Piknic Électronik but this week it’s back to normal with another summer Sunday session in Melbourne. Headlining this event is Suzanne Kraft and A Guy Called Gerald, and the local DJ line-up is again as promising as always. One of these local heroes are Andee Frost – a man who hardly need any introduction! He knows how to spin, how to create one of the world’s best nightspots (De House De Frost) and has a massive record collection. Whono’s got the change to ask him some personal and music related questions.

Describe yourself with three words.


What is your first ever memory of music?

“Probably buying cassingles at Hans Music Spot in Croydon with my brother; being given a copy of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles soundtrack from my next door neighbour on vinyl – which I still have – and dancing at the twilight discos at Ponderosa Caravan Park in Dromana during Christmas holidays.”

What nightclub that you still haven’t performed at is on the top of your list, and why?

“The Paradise Garage and Precious Hall in Japan – they both have amazing sound systems I’ll probably never get to hear.”

If you wouldn’t be working with music, what would you do?

“I was really into cooking and I wanted to be a chef. At school I vividly remember making a decision that it’s either cooking or DJing. Because the hours clashed I chose DJing, but oh my how times have changed now… Luckily I still get to eat some amazing food!”

What is your biggest challenge at the moment in your music career?

“I think the biggest challenge is always finding the next thing. That said I’m pretty happy with where I’m at right now; I’m at the point where I’m trying to help new artists/DJs to navigate the music biz.“

How has growing up and living in Melbourne shaped you as DJ and artist?

“Melbourne has always been such an amazing musical city, and with every great city there is a great scene that supports and inspires musicians to do great things. I was lucky enough to fall into the right disco family and had an awesome musical upbringing with clubs like Freakazoid, Monkey, Dome, Honkytonks, Revolver and the likes – all playing a part in my formative years. Around this time Melbourne had a really strong dance music radio scene as well, and I started with community radio long before I stepped a foot in a nightclub with aspirant stations like Kiss FM, Hitz FM, Kix FM & Street FM which were all pumping out quality (for the time) dance music 24/7. There was also so much to hear and do as most of the stations held outside broadcasts which made it easy for an underage kid to get involved with the scene from an early age. I think keeping the sense of community within a scene as well staying open to a diverse range of music with a little flair for fantasy is what has probably stuck with me the most.“

How and where do you search for new music?

“I still try and frequent record stores and fairs as often as possible, and in the last few years I’ve been making recent trips to Japan to stock up on my music for the year. There are so many great stores and records and dealers left in japan – it’s kind of amazing – and a must for any record collector! There is a huge human element in music that you kind of lose online, and there is also an immediate joy attached to digging through a crate of records. However I also buy online and I probably frequent 2 or 3 online stores for new stuff and then buy the rest of Discogs and occasionally eBay.”

If you were to create your own genre – what would it be called?

“’Hypnotiq throb’, ‘rohypnohouse’ and ‘aztekno’ are some of my previous genres. I used to have a record store and we had the habit of making up heaps of genres for fun. One of my favourites would have come from Jim K that was ‘sophisticated boom boom’.”

What artist would you love to work with – and what would you create?

“I’d love to make some O.T.T. hats with Phillip Treacy.”

Piknic Elektronik Melbourne launched January this year in Melbourne; this innovative weekly summer program first started in Montreal and has since expanded globally to include a location in Barcelona and now all the way to Oz. Piknic Electronik #10 – Sunday 15th of March will feature A Guy Called Gerald, Suzanne Kraft, Animals Dancing, Tom Moore, Andee Frost and Ransom. To keep up to date with future dates, you can visit their Facebook page.

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