She only loves Sex, Drugs & Techno on May 1st


Melbourne has a big electronic music scene but it is not always easy to find a great pumping techno event to let loose at, and let alone find a female DJ playing on those occasions. The underground scene of this particular genre is one of a small collective group of people who strives to push the boundaries and make techno even bigger in Australia.

One of those people are Rebecca Beaton, an event manager and promoter who decided to create a party called ‘She Only Loves Sex, Drugs & Techno’. “I did this because my female friends weren’t getting booked and I wanted to create an event that incorporated performance with a main focus on visuals” Rebecca says. She has 2 decades of experience within the Entertainment Industry and Management throughout Melbourne and has helped to refine and shape some of the most known and loved events working for the likes of Rainbow Serpent, Hardware, Bass Station and Future Entertainment.

The event is said to support feminism, drug reform and safe sex while bringing you an awesome party to remember months later. Rebecca’s mission is to “blow your mind with entertainment not drugs!” This will be the 5th instalment of the event and along they will have a great local DJ line-up consisting of Dean Benson, Chiara Kickdrum, Kasey Taylor, Bobby Raver and Kiti amongst others.

Have a listen at Dean Benson‘s famous set at Rainbow Serpent Festival this year and get into the techno spirit!

Full line-up of the event:

Dean Benson
Kasey Taylor b2b Bobby Raver
Chiara Kickdrum
Scott Alien

Zelia Rose – Miss Burlesque Australia( Fire & Aerial Show!)
Lola Ramone (Fluro Glow Show)
Zia Electric (Sexy SCI Fi)
Cosmic Ray (Glow Juggling)
Miss Jane (Dominatrix)

vdmo Kstati

Lights and Lazers:
Jase Fos

She Only Loves Sex, Drugs and Techno will be held at Royal Melbourne Hotel on May 1st. Get on to their website for tickets and more info.

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