April Top New Releases Chart

April Chart Cover 2015

Wow, I can’t believe how much new music has been pumped out the last month! I’ve done my best to go through as much as I can but obviously it’s also a matter of being lucky finding those golden ones because you can’t listen to them all unfortunately. The first song in April’s top list is a dreamy, percussion based deep house track from Agoria called ‘Baptême’, which is his first release on Kompakt. This is followed up by a house track remix from Paul C and Paolo Martini of ‘Raw House’ made by Stefano Noferini, Luca M & JUST2 and CMM. Many souls involved in such a sweet groovy tune!

The third track is my top favourite at the moment – a great driving groovy remix from Mark Knight of ‘Y.E.A.H.’ by Coyu & Ramiro Lopez. This one will be a must-play at my next gig! After this we have a boppy tech house track called ‘Feelings & Meanings’ from Josh Butler who always seems to get it right, released on Noir Music.


French duo DaWad And Mokic released their EP ‘Pink Pants’ on Nein Music and their second track ‘Fake’ made it straight into this month’s chart list. The track reminds me a bit of Robert Babicz and his spacey sound, combined with a saw-wave bassline and fun bops. Matt Minimal’s track ‘Butan’ gives me goose bumps of pleasure – what a dark, heavy and pumping techno track! It goes into your deeper mind and connects you to the low frequencies in a mesmerizing way.

Dimitri ‘Definition’ Schnider has collaborated with Cari Golden on his debut EP ‘Resurrection’ on the first track ‘Product Of My Environment’ released on his own imprint ‘Definition:Music’. This track has everything you need to grab the dance floors attention and to raise the excitement. Next up we have Yousef – ‘The Courtship’ which is a great minimal techno track released on Bpitch Control.


Second last is a track from UMEK called ‘Bring The Lights Down’ which has that jackin groovy bassline and a great vocal loops running through. Lastly is another big favourite of mine from Mexican genius Betoko called ‘Phobik’ which is the second track on the ‘Phobik EP’ released on Einmusika Recordings. They call it ‘electronic magic’ and I can’t do anything that agree – it’s magically amazing!

Full track list:

  1. Agoria – Baptême
  2. Stefano Noferini, Luca M & JUST2, CMM – Raw House (Paul C & Paolo Martini Remix)
  3. Coyu & Ramiro Lopez – Y.E.A.H. (Mark Knight Remix)
  4. Josh Butler – Feelings & Meanings
  5. DaWad And Mokic- Fake (Original Mix)
  6. Matt Minimal – Butan (Original Mix)
  7. Definition – Product Of My Environment (with Cari Golden)
  8. Yousef – The Courtship
  9. UMEK – Bring The Lights Down (Original Mix)
  10. Betoko – Phobik

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