Novel presents Edu Imbernon on May 17th

Edu Imbernon

There seems to be a little trend at the moment, because we have a second Spanish DJ and producer coming over to Australia next weekend. This time the remix-king and Eklektisch label boss Edu Imbernon will visit Australia in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. Edu has released music on Get Physical, Trapez, Bedrock and Diynamic, and has played at iconic night clubs like Watergate in Berlin, Warung Beach Club & D-Edge in Brazil and fabric in London. On May 17th he will come to Melbourne’s famous Revolver Upstairs, and tickets are available here.

After touring around Europe a lot the last years, what can you say about the famous electronic music scene there? What direction is it taking at the moment?

Europe is such a big territory, and there are a few different countries that are very different from the others. For example the sound in Germany has barely anything to do with the sound in the UK. I think the scene is great because there are lots of festivals and clubs, and it’s very up to date so the evolution is always super fast.

What are your 5 must-have items when packing your suitcase for a tour?

I’ll say my sunglasses, lots of T-shirts, sweat pants, a couple of sleeping tablets and a neck pillow for the flights!

What led you to start your own label Eklektisch in this competitive industry?

When I was 19 years old I moved to Berlin and it was what I felt I needed to do. Now I also have Fayer, which has 3 releases out and features artists like Metronomy, Adriatique, WhoMadeWho, Agoria and David August. The future is looking great for Fayer!

You’re known for making killer remixes by many different great artists; do you constantly try to find new remix projects or do they come to you?

It’s a mix between trying to find new exciting bands/acts to remix and them coming to me. I’m very picky with the remixes so its more me and my manager looking for new exciting projects than them coming to us.

What do you enjoy the most; creating music by yourself or in collaboration with others?

I prefer collaborating, especially with good friends. Who doesn’t like to spend time with friends doing something that you like?

Who are your top 5 favourite producers at the moment?

I’ll say Dave DK, Maya Jane Coles, Kink, Adriatique and Âme.

Tell us a bit about your big upcoming plans please – I have heard something about a debut album and a live show?

Future plans are to keep producing music from the heart and work on the evolution of Fayer as a label, brand and concept for events. I’ve thought about producing an album many, many times, but I think I’m still very young and I’m still absorbing musical influences from everywhere… so I decided it’s not the right time. I want it to be super special. I don’t really like how many artists are doing albums just because they “have to”, and because of this I think it has lost its meaning a bit. An album can’t be recorded in a couple of months, It really needs lots of time and dedication. So let’s say the album and live show will come in the near future, but no rush!

Listen to Edu Imbernon’s remix of Metronomy’s ‘I’m Aquarius’ below:

Tour Dates

Friday 15th May – Geisha, Perth
Saturday 16th May – Chinese Laundry, Sydney
Sunday 17th May – Revolver Upstairs, Melbourne

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