Unfold is coming to Melbourne


There’s a new movement within the techno scene emerging in Melbourne. Three Melbournians with different background has come together to create a forth coming series of events focused on developing a positive forward thinking presence within the Melbourne techno scene. Their aim is to give techno a home – a place where DJs, producers and and artists can breath, create and unfold. Whono’s got the chance to catch up with the crew Raffi, Malou and Luke before their first episode of Unfold.

What is your earliest music memory?

Raffi: I think this has to be the first single I ever bought which was ‘Don’t Stop (Wiggle Wiggle)’ by the Outhere Brothers. This was back in I believe 1995; I was 7 years old when my dad and I went to the record store to buy this track. I played this song an insane amount of times.

Malou: My earliest music memory comes from a very early age where my dad who was a sound engineer would be in his studio, playing with his synthesisers and jamming away. I remember when he took me to my first Underworld concert and I was blown away! This followed by my first clubbing experience called the Chemistry in Amsterdam which was an amazing night at that time. Rolling out of the club early mornings on a weekly basis. That’s when my love for electronic music took off.

Luke: From about the age of three when I would steal away to the second lounge room where my parents kept their LP player and high-end audio equipment. I had figured out how to turn on the amplifier and what channel settings to dial in for it to work and I was just tall enough to reach up and slide on my favourite album “Pseudo Echo’s Love an Adventure” and hit the automatic play button. I’d be found grooving away in front of the speakers. I think mum still has a photo of this tucked away somewhere.

What is your best clubbing experience ?

M: My ultimate clubbing experience must be Awakenings in the Gashouder in Amsterdam. It’s a unique venue with a massive round silo that can hold about 3000 people, filled with world-class visuals, light shows and always the best techno acts from around the world.

unfold logo

What makes a great techno event?

R: A real techno event is where the dance floor is truly being danced on. It’s where the lounge areas are filled with a mixture of interesting people who are easy to talk to and spark nice conversations. It’s where the sound creates a synergy where everybody can feel as one, and without saying a word and just looking at each other, people know they’re part of something magical.

What electronic music artist(s) is your biggest inspiration at the moment?

L: I have to cheat here and name two. They are two brothers from Munich, Germany; Dario and Marco Zenker. They head up a label by the name of Ilian Tape. Their sound is very raw, very analogue, though it still finds a beauty and softness despite its aesthetic. You can also hear sprinklings of other genre elements within their music which adds further interest to their sound.

R: The two artists that inspire me a lot are: Stimming for his beautiful sounds and the ambiance his sounds create; and Dubfire for the unique way he currently constructs his techno sets. I listen a lot to his three hour set at the U street music Hall in Washington from March this year.

M: So many! There are good sounds coming from all corners of the world. I have quite a broad taste when it comes to techno. I love deep hypnotic, dark, dreamy sounds as well as more uplifting rolling beats. I have been loving what comes out of Sweden and other Scandinavian countries at the moment as well as producers like Efdemin, Zenker brothers, Monoloc, Marcel Fengler, Andrea (T) to name a few.

What is your favourite sound?

L: My favourite sound is dynamic and really depends on my mood at the time. At the moment I have been enjoying music which has more of an analog edge. It is inspiring to listen to music where the producer has used very artificial sounds and still manages to find the soul in the machine so to speak. Creating music that sounds very electronic but still has a very human element to it whether that be its groove or emotive content.

unfold001 flyer FACEBOOK2

Tell me about your event Unfold, please. What inspired you to start this?

M: I’m highly inspired by the thriving techno culture back in The Netherlands where I gained my first experience of organising events. Here in Melbourne I have always been driven to start running events and after throwing ideas about with Raphael and Luke and recently having some more time on my hands I feel that the right moment has come.

L: The inspiration for Unfold came from the collective realisation that there is something missing within the Melbourne techno scene. A once vibrant and diverse musical culture that has seemingly vanished or pulled back slowly over the last 15 years or so. A scene that is in stark contrast with its counterparts from around the world. It was this realisation which was the catalyst for us to begin brainstorming on what we would and could do to bring something new and fresh to the table.

R: I used to go to many, many techno events in Europe. When I came to Melbourne I was introduced to some new scenes, which mostly consisted of amazing people and good music. The most common music in these scenes are deep house, tech house and some minimal. Slowly during my time here a growing urge came for techno and helping that scene to grow.

What can we expect from the first Unfold on May 30th?

M: For the first Unfold you can expect an evening of high consideration. We are working long hours to ensure we have put as much thought and care into every detail of this event, from venue choice to, sound, audio, lighting, visuals, drinks available, operating hours and design so we can hold an event which is of high quality and true to our concept.

For more information about the event check out the Facebook page and event.

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