NiCe7 returns to Australia

NiCe7 pic

Italian tech house legends Cesare and Nicola, aka NiCe7, is returning to Australia this weekend. These guys have travelled the world with their house music since 2005 and have released tracks on labels such as Noir Music, Gruuv, Suara and Great Stuff. One can only expect a fenomenal house party from a duo like NiCe7, who has performed at major electronic music events including BPM Mexico, Miami Winter Music Conference, Amsterdam Dance Event, and Berlin Music Days. Sundelin from Whono’s got the chance to ask these heroes some questions before they arrive on our side of the globe.

Cesare and Nicola, please tell us how you guys started out DJ-ing?

We both started DJ-ing in 1994 in our local clubs. Cesare used to make beats with an Atari Falcon 030 and an Ensoniq ASR-10 sampler. Nicola was listening to a lot of old vinyls from the collection of his uncle who used to be a radio DJ. He also got into Salsoul Records and the music of Larry Levan. Then in 2000 Cesare moved to Milan where he worked as a sound engineer and arranger for different studios producing club music. Nicola had many experiences in clubs and events all over Italy, where he met lots of international DJs and producers. After having all these different experiences over Italy, we decided to join forces in DJ-ing, clubbing and production – and the NiCe7 project was born.

What does music mean to you?

Music is life, that’s it.

If you weren’t DJ-ing or producing music, what would you be doing?

Well, if we followed the paths that we studied in; Cesare would be a chef, and Nicola would be a dentist!

Considering you’ve got a track named as ‘Best Tech House Record’ of 2011 at the Beatport Music Awards, you must know what makes a hit. What are the criteria for a great house track?

That’s a very cool question! Some people make a track just to make ‘hits’, and they treat the whole process like that’s what is most important – to make a “hit”. But there are many super cool tracks out there that are great which don’t become a “hit”. It’s not always predictable! So we would say passion and the right attitude towards producing music is the key for a great house track.

How do you choose the instruments or elements when making a track? Is it pure experimentation or is it very calculated?

We usually experiment when we start a new track. This could start by creating new patches on the synths we have in studio, adding crazy effects on a rhythm pattern created just for fun, or ‘destroying’ a sample. Other times we have a very clear idea or picture of what we want, so we go straight to a particular instrument or element to start the track.

To make this process faster, we have different machines in the studio which doesn’t do too many things, but what it does do it does really well. For example, when we need a synth for a bassline we can choose between a Roland SH101, Moog Minitaur, Novation Bass Station, Waldorf Pulse and Korg MS-20, and we know what to turn on to get what we have in mind.

What are your top 5 nightclubs in the world?

It’s too hard to pick just 5, but we’ll say:

  1. Watergate – Berlin
  2. Amnesia – Ibiza
  3. Cocorico’ – Italy
  4. Output – NYC
  5. Revolver – Melbourne

Finally, you will be back in Australia again this weekend. Do you have any memorable moments to share from your previous visits in the land Down Under?

We played a 4 hour DJ set at Brown Alley in Melbourne last year which was unforgettable!

Listen to NiCe7’s Wilde April mix below:

Tour dates:

Friday 5th June – Jenja, Bali
Saturday 6th June – Matisse Beach Club, Perth
Sunday 7th June – Daniel San’s, Manly (evening show)
Sunday 7th June – Spice at Barrio Cellar, Sydney (night show)
Saturday 13th June – Uno, Geelong
Sunday 14th June – Revolver, Melbourne

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