Cristoph Is Coming To Australia


This coming weekend Australia will have the honour to take onshore the busy british DJ and producer Cristoph to do an Australian tour for his first time. Cristoph is a guy that basically was born into his career; having both his brother and father as DJs to influence him while growing up. This UK producer has released music ranging from deep house to techno on some of the biggest imprints like Noir Music, Defected, Voltaire Music, Suara and Underground Audio. Sundelin from Whono’s chatted to Cristoph about his DJ career and the electronic music industry prior to his Australian tour.

What kind of outputs did you have for music before you started DJing? I heard you played some instruments?

When I was younger I used to mess around on keyboards etc. but I have never been classically trained or even taught at school or anything. I’ve picked everything up as I have went along. I started to DJ at a very young age though; my dad bought me some decks to keep me out of trouble and off the streets back at home and I was instantly hooked.

What made you decide to start DJing?

To be honest I have always looked up to my dad and brother so with both of them being DJ’s I kind of wanted to follow in their footsteps. I have always loved music so to be able to play it and help people have a good time is a huge honour, and I don’t think I was cut out for any other job.

How important is it to have the right connections in the dance music scene to become successful?

Before getting to know the industry properly I didn’t realise how much went on behind the scenes. I had the perception that many artists were overnight successes after releasing a real good record. I was totally wrong. The majority of artists have put their souls into climbing the ladder and becoming recognised for what they do. This doesn’t just include producing and DJing. I have realised that you need to be with the right agencies and management in order for them to point in the right direction, gigs and music release wise. They will also get you to connect with the right ‘cliques’ at gigs and these guys are so important as it’s those (along with promoters and crowds who come to see you play) who talk about you and recommend you to others. It’s always good to be a polite and decent person in all walks of life and its no different in this industry.

Can you pin-point a certain time where you noticed your DJ and music production career to kick off?

Erm, I would probably say the release of ‘Guffaz’ on DFTD. The track was picked up by Hot Since 82 really early on and a few people started to take a bit of interest. From then on it’s been a real positive journey with things happening a lot faster than I ever could have imagined. However, I still have a long way to go until I reach my own personal targets.

Who are your top 5 favourite DJs in the world at the moment?

This is a very hard question as I have so much respect for so many. At a push I would probably say Maceo Plex, Dixon, Tale Of Us, Mano Le Tough and Hot Since 82.

You have already released music on some of the biggest labels in the electronic music scene, such as Noir Music, Defected, Voltaire Music, Suara and Underground Audio. What other labels would you love to work with?

I am a huge fan of Innervisions to release on there would be a dream come true. This being said I don’t particularly make music aimed at a certain label, I just write what I’m feeling that day. I am much more satisfied when I see a DJ I love playing one of my tracks as getting that support means more to me than signing to a label. The difficult thing is they normally work hand in hand. The tracks signed to the top labels seem to have a better chance of ending up in more DJ’s hands than one on a less recognised one.

Do you have any upcoming music projects you can share with us?

I have an EP on Hot Since 82’s label ‘Knee Deep In Sound’ which I’m quite excited about. A track on there called ‘Let It Go’ has been on a fair few of my guest mixes and a lot of people have asked what it is so fingers crossed it will do well. I am also honoured to be part of the first ever remix package of British band ‘Elbow’ so again I’m hoping people will like this. On top of those I have an EP on Selador, a remix on Yoshitoshi, a remix on Defected and a single on Defected all coming out in the next few months.

Is this your first time to Australia, and what are you looking forward to the most on this tour?

Yeah, this is the first time I time I have ever been to Australia so I’m looking forward to seeing some sights on my days off. My mum is actually coming with me as she has never been either so it will be nice for her too. I’m really excited for the gigs most to be honest though. I heard so many good things, especially about Revolver in Melbourne, so can’t wait to get involved.

Listen to Cristoph’s podcast for DGTL festival in Barcelona:

Tour Dates

Friday 3rd July – The Rooftop Conservatory Bar, Perth
Sunday 5th July – SASH, Sydney
Friday 10th July – Revolver, Melbourne
Saturday 11th July – Kit and Kaboodle, Sydney

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