Interview with Dylan Griffin

Dylan Griffin press 1

With a decade of working with electronic music in several positions and projects, Dylan Griffin is one of the key figures in the Australian electronic music scene. He is a long-standing resident DJ and record label manager for Sydney institution Subsonic Music, the founder and host of the renowned podcast series AU Underground as well as a host for a weekly slot on Melbourne radio station Kiss FM. Later this month he is supporting Spencer Parker at Railway Hotel Brunswick, presented by Stable Music and Rekids

How and when did your interest for electronic music start?

My hairdresser used to play goa, techno, breaks and trance when I was about 10 years old and I got hooked.

What music icon has been your biggest influence during your music career?


What made you decide to start the now renowned podcast series AU Underground?

There was simply nothing like it at the time, and it’s still to this day one of the only podcasts focused only on Australian content. It was about giving established OZ producers and DJs a platform to explore the mix form outside of the club environment. It was also about shining well deserved light on these figures, especially so in a climate where we are bombarded by the Australian electronic music tabloids about “what’s hot in Ibiza and Berlin”. It was about time some sort of multi media refocused on the scene here.

How has your job as a record label manager for Subsonic Music made an imprint on your DJing and music career?

It has allowed me to see another side of the industry and what it takes for both a label and artist to get the work out there. This coupled with the scouting for new unreleased music has me in a unique position to see what artists are doing what, their direction and approach as it happens, and gives me a more holistic experience of the scene in which I work. The impact of getting to know various artists’ work more intimately has given me a greater appreciation for the creative process, as well as learning what it takes if I want to put my own productions out there.

You lived in Sydney previously and now you’re based in Melbourne. Can you tell us what these cities share and where they are different within the underground scene of electronic music?

This is an almost unfair question these days! I really feel for Sydney at the moment with the crippling lock-out laws and I am seeing many peers struggle through this. But I moved here to Melbourne well before any of that happened and they both have their charms and I love to play in both cities; I mean playing on a boat on Sydney Harbour is unique but so is Federation Square! Melbourne feels like home and I have a greater connection to the music here. I also feel there is greater opportunity here in a lot of ways thanks to some powers that be, as well as better communication between the majority of crews, DJs, promoters etc.

As a DJ it is crucial to choose the best tracks for your set. What makes a track stand out in your opinion?

Shelf life. Hearing what is still effective now helps you determine what productions are still gonna keep doing it.

What is your most unforgettable DJ gig so far?

Am I allowed to have 3? Market Stage at Rainbow Serpent Festival, the amazing “Kolour”-gigs in Bangkok and the once-in-a-lifetime gig at Eclipse Festival in 2012.

What can we expect from your set on July 18th at the Railway Hotel?

A very linear mix of stripped back grooves with a few surprises.

Listen to Dylan’s set from Earth Frequency Festival earlier this year:

Catch Dylan Griffin work his magic on the decks on July 18th before Spencer Parker at The Railway Hotel in Brunswick. More information about the event can be found here

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