June Top New Releases Chart

June Chart Cover 2015

Wow, we’re half way through this year! I think I am getting old because time just seems to go too quickly nowadays. Anyone else feeling the same? But as long as I keep hearing new amazing tunes from around the world, I’m all good! June has delivered some good techno tracks as well as some more groovy tunes. So let’s get onto it. 

Dense & Pika just keeps delivering and released a track called ‘TEX’ on Drumcode’s 3rd edition of their ‘A-side’ compilation series. I have already played it out in the club, such a tune! Next up is Jay Lumen with another killer track called ‘Stratosphere’ pounding a deep low bass with minimal vocals and tickling hi-hats.


Newly released on American label mau5trap is the compilation ‘We Are Friends, Vol. 4’, where Matt Lange’s track ‘Nice Shades, Wesley’ gained my attention. This track is a great melodic techno track with pumping bassline suitable for a dark club or perhaps a late set at an outdoor festival. Danny Daze released an EP for the second time on Ultramajic called ‘Dual’ and the second one called ‘Rythm Box’ is my favourite, a heavy drum focused track that goes straight into your chest. The vocal influence is coming from an old movie called ‘Liquid Sky’ which is one of Daze’s go-to movies for inspiration.

The Portuguese DJ and producer Joal treated us with a tech house track called ‘Uncover To Discover’ with nice bouncy toms and dry rim shots. Another dark techno track that got in on the list is ‘Survival’ from Gayle San on Phobiq Recordings. Gayle San derives from Singapore but have been based in the UK when she decided to pursue her DJ career more than a decade ago. This release is her first one on the Phobiq label from Italy.


Legendary Ellen Allien dropped a new EP on Bpitch Control Records called ‘High’, displaying a more deep and slow paced style. The fine tuned bubbly bassline intertwined with the melodic synth makes up a great synergy in this deep house track. Form Music released ‘Meteorite EP’; the third EP from Julian Jeweil on this imprint founded by French producer POPOF in 2009. ‘Shaka’ is the second track on this release that caught my ear. It’s a superb minimal track with soulful percussions accompanied with a simple but eminent bassline.

To round off this chart list is LFCs’ track ‘Day After Day’ released on Evolution; another amazing minimal techno track withvery deep and dark bass sweeping around hypnotic and enigmatic elements and hi-hats. Lastly we have a track from the second EP from Len Faki’s Basement Trax series on Ostgut Ton. ‘B-Pax’ introduces this EP and is a dark mesmerising techno track simply made for a dark sweaty space to get lost in. It’s a well produced creating that just sound


1. Dense & Pika – TEX
2. Jay Lumen – Stratosphere
3. Matt Lange – Nice Shades, Wesley
4. Danny Daze – Rhythm Box
5. Joal – Uncover To Discover
6. Gayle San – Survival
7. Ellen Allien – High
8. Julian Jeweil – Shaka
9. LFCs – Day After Day
10. Len Faki – B-PAX

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