Interview with Jack Love


Whono’s Music is happy to present a local DJ and producer who has a lot on his plate, regularly booked at the biggest venues around Melbourne either under his own name Tom Evans or his alter ego Jack LoveJack’s production has found its way onto Australia’s biggest labels and his latest remix is going out on the infamous UK based label CR2. Jack is also the founder of his own imprint Ugenius Music which hosts records by himself and an abundance of Australia’s finest producers. He seems to always have something new going on with events, labels and productions. Read on below to get an insight of this great local talent. 

What came first, DJing or music production? What do you enjoy the most?

I was most certainly a young punk DJ before I got stuck into music production. I started playing at a local club in Brighton called Mint Lounge in 2005. Producing began in 2008 from memory sitting in with Andy Hart, watching what he was doing and it just stemmed from there. That being said I was writing music from when I was about 12 years old. I played the drums and other assorted percussion instruments in all sorts of bands from Rock Bands and Big Bands to Symphony Orchestras and Concert Bands. I’d say I probably enjoy them both equally in their own respective ways. There is such a vast difference in the creative output of both that I get different buzz from the outcome of each.

What are your favourite venues to DJ at in Melbourne?

Each venue has its own perks. I’d have to say Onesixone and Revolver are my favourites, and I’ve been really enjoying Pawn & Co on Sundays of late too. They always have a great crowd that is up for anything. It’s really hard to choose; I’ve had some rippers at Brown Alley, which is also an amazing establishment. I have to give an honorable mention to the late Qbar; I did some of my best work on and off the decks in that venue.

What are you listening to at moment?

There is always music in my sphere – its just the way it’s always been. These days it all depends whether it is for research or for my own decompression. We are what we listen to so I try to keep my scope as wide as possible.

Right this very second I’m listening to Van Morison – Caravan. In regards to my DJing, I’m really loving Adriatique, Stephan Bodzin, Seth Troxler, Dixon and Tale Of Us at the moment. I love such a broad range of music I could go on for days.


Can you tell us the story behind your own record label Ugenius Music?

Like any other label, be it music, fashion, etc. – you’ll find that the people behind it usually were looking for the type of sound or clothes that they felt best represented them to no avail. So it was and is with Ugenius, our humble little port where we modestly boast some of the best local house and techno we are privileged to get our mitts on.

How do you choose what artists to release on your label?

We don’t really rush to put any amount of releases off per year or anything like that, so If the tracks are right for the artist and us then we will start a campaign. It’s about quality not quantity. The majors are already flooding the market with disposable content, where as we are trying to be good for the environment so to speak.

You’re running a record label called ‘Hearts On Fire’ along with a few other DJs. What is your role in this organization and what is the aim of the label?

As I mentioned before I love an abundance of different types music and Hearts On Fire is just another outlet for different genres and artists I love that don’t necessarily fit the Ugenius brand. Andy and Jorj from Jam Xpress started it with me last year with the objective of having more of a house and disco direction and to focus on records with more of a live feel. I don’t necessarily see Jack Love fitting the mold at HOFR in the near future, but I might do some Tom Evans stuff on there down the track. At the moment I take care of the A&R side of things.

Do you have any upcoming music projects you can let us in on?

I do. Jacob Malmo and myself have a little project we are working on at the moment that we are having a lot of fun with. I don’t want to give away too much away yet, but it’s on ice at the moment while he is overseas for the rest of the year. As Jack Love I have 2 new EPs to come out before the end of the year which I am very excited about. I have also been having a little tinker with starting an album that I aim to have finished by this time next year.

How will you prepare for your set at the Spencer Parker gig on July 18th?

Most likely waddle down to Bounce Audio again next week and have a flick through some records. I believe I’m on the warm up so I guess ill just go over some tracks appropriate for that time that will have the crowd ripe for the great man.


Lets finish with 5 quick questions:

Vinyl or Digital?

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy using the cruise-control, but real drivers love manual.

Gig at 10pm or 5am?

A lot of my gigs are later in the night but depends when the party started I suppose. The later gigs suit me a little better so I’ll say I am more of am 5am man.

Money or lifestyle?

Definitely lifestyle. I’m a pretty simple bloke, as long as the beer is cold and I can create whenever I am inspired to do so then I’m all smiles.

Warehouse party or Outdoor Festival?

While I may be more on home turf at a festival, it’s undeniable that with the rise of EDM and such in America that festivals are increasingly becoming a very corporate environment. So while I have never really delved deeply into the warehouse scene, my curiosity and interest is tickled by this very healthy sub culture. Who knows, maybe the next chapter for me could be a renegade string of warehouse spots. Always keep ‘em guessing.

Northside or Southside?

I grew up on the South Side but am constantly spending more and more time on the Northside theses days. My brother lives there and the food is great too. Both are very different cultures but I’m a sucker for the beach so Southside it is for me.

Listen to Jack Love’s live recording from his set at Strawberry Fields last year:

Catch Jack Love warm up before Spencer Parker at Railway Hotel Brunswick on July 18th. More information about the event can be found on the Facebook event page

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