Chiara Kickdrum – The Nature Of Time [Finn Audio]

FINN1012 copy 2

Just like local DJ and producer Chiara Kickdrum promised in our UNRELEASED series interview with her last year, she is releasing an EP on Finn Audio in this month called ‘The Nature of Time’. The EP consists of 3 beautifully deep and moving trips, with a remix from Finn Audio label head Jani Ho.

The first track ‘Matter’ is an hypnotic techno track with catchy drums and compelling hi-hats. A great track for that early morning chant when the sun is just about to rise. Next up is ‘Shift’ which is a pleasant and dreamy tune with a nice lead synth traveling around the sonic room together with a grounding steady beat. The atmospheric synth in the background assists further in bringing you deeper into trance.

‘Object’ snatches you out of the trance state and makes you want to move in wilder motions. There is a feeling of tribal influences in this beat accompanied with bursting synth hits reverberating nicely out in space, which together builds up great tension through out the track. Lastly we have Jani Ho’s remix of ‘Matter’ which is a great up-beat version that takes this song into a darker mode with intense hi-hats and pleasantly surprising elements.

‘The Nature of Time’ is available for download from today on Juno and Beatport and iTunes to follow. Have a listen to the preview on Soundcloud below:

1. Matter
2. Shifts
3. Object
4. Matter (Jani Ho remix)

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