July Top New Releases Chart

July Chart Cover 2015July is my favourite month of the year because it’s my birthday then, and usually the summer has just kicked in. But that’s if you live in Europe, it’s a different story here in Melbourne, it’s cold and miserable winter season! On the plus side winters here never goes below 0 really and you can still get a nice sunny 20 degree day every now and then. You can also still go out without having to hang in massive puffer jackets for an expensive wardrobe fee.

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Season talk aside, there has been some killer tracks coming out this July that I have put into my monthly Top New Releases Chart. With little hesitation the top spot went straight to KiNK’s remix of Elektro Guzzi’s track ‘Atlas’ which gave me goose bumps as soon as I heard it in my Soundcloud stream feed. It’s an awesome combo of analog and raw elements with a nice acid tinkering line drifting in and out.

Second on the list is Sasha Carassi – ‘Citrus’ on his own label Phobiq which is a pounding dark techno track with a housy vocal sample on repeat, while a deep lead synth rolls in adding an organic touch to the track. After this comes a track from Helmut Dubnitzky called ‘The Signal’ that takes us deep down into a pulsating bassline and wide reverberating synths. The London duo Dusky released a new EP on their own label 17 Steps Recordings called ‘Ordinary World’ with a pumping track called ‘Jilted’ that got a strong spot in July’s chart list.


Next up is Tube & Berger with ‘Alien Dinner’ which is a great deep tech house track with soft stabbing saw tooth synths and lots of nice vocals with cool vocoder effects. Entaktogen from Germany made an excellent remix of Windeskind & Dezi Bill song ‘Depressed’ that was released on Musikpropaganda this month. Another remix that made it to the list is ANNA’s remake of Yousef & Bontan’s ‘Believe’. This track is a real big room party starter with great percussions and clicks.

Anja Schneider released new material on Mobilee Records where ‘Circle Cultures’ is my top favourite. On Turbo Recordings we’ve got the track ‘Vamos Viendo’ made by DJs Pareja & Tom Tom Clubber which is a fun techno track with raw and distorted elements and a bubbly, pushing lead synth. Lastly on this montht’s chart list is a really nice deep and minimal house track by SevenDoors called Movement Of Whale, released on Diynamic Recordings which has already been played by Solomun at the Diynamic Festivals. A nice and dreamy way to end this great top 10 tracks from July 2015!


1. Elektro Guzzi – Atlas (KiNK Mix)
2. Sasha Carassi – Citrus
3.  Helmut Dubnitzky – The Signal
4. Dusky – Jilted
5. Tube & Berger – Alien Dinner
6. Windeskind & Dezi Bill – Depressed (Entaktogen Remix)
7. Yousef & Bontan – Believe – (ANNA Remix)
8. Anja Schneider – Circle Culture
9. DJs Pareja & Tom Tom Clubber – Vamos Viendo
10. SevenDoors – Movement Of Whale

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