THUMP Presents: Australians in Berlin

Sections of this article have been taken from the original article in THUMP.

In a town that attracts the best acts in the world, a group of Australian artists have found freedom, parties, and crowds that don’t exist anywhere else on the planet.

THUMP explored Berlin—the greatest clubbing city in the world—with four Australian DJs bringing their own sound to the endless party. For decades Australia and Berlin have a held a connection through our mutual dedication to staying up late and dancing ’til our feet ache. Our best artists, musicians, and DJs regularly make the pilgrimage to the city to live cheaply among those making the best dance music today.

Baron Castle

Following Kate Miller, Tornado Wallace, Baron Castle and Fantastic Man, we amble down picturesque streets where postcard cafes pump techno at 10AM in the morning—illustrating how the city’s Soviet past created room for young people to make their own world of electronic music, where the party spirit permeates 24 hours a day.

Those who are familiar with the unique and exciting Melbourne born Kate Miller recognise the intangible element that gives her sets a distinctive sound. Tornado Wallace, also hailing from Melbourne, took up electronic music production at 15, and is now one of Australia’s most interesting, diverse and talented producer/DJ’s. Baron Castle cut his teeth on the mid-2000’s rave scene in Sydney, before his relocation to the German capital in 2011. Fantastic Man, also known as Mic Newman, is from family of musicians. His focus on electronic music has gained star status in his home country and beyond.

If you’re longing to head to Berlin, this list we posted a year ago might help.

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