August Top New Releases Chart

August Chart Cover 2015

It’s time to jot down another chart list with new great tunes. There has been some really good things coming out from labels like Food Music, Suara, Desolat and Watergate Records. Adrian Hour dropped an absolute bomb at the start of the month called ‘Baboom’ on his new EP ‘Techno Tools Vol 11’ on Suara Records.

Following this is Andreas Henneberg’s pumping tech house track with raw horn sounding synth stabs called ‘Grim’ released on Heinz Music. It has a nice wilderness feel to it with a groove you can’t stop digging to. Another track from Suara made it to the list which is the mystical and ambient ‘Rise Of Emotions’ by Los Paranos with chanting, tantalizing vocals and pulsating bassline. Chris Wood & Meat’s track ‘Birds’ on their new EP ‘Birds Flying High’ on Desolat made it on the chart list too; a great deep house track to gently spark up the dance floor with during early hours of the night.


The collaboration of Nicole Moudaber & Skin resulted in an excellent track named ‘Someone Like You’ with vocals from Skunk Anansie’s singer Skin and moody beats from Nicole. I hope we get to hear more collaborations from these to talented artists. Alex Niggeman dropped ‘Virgo’ on ‘Last Night On Earth’ and A1 Bassline released ‘Odd Soulz’ on Food Music, both continuing to deliver quality productions within their own unique styles.


Marco Resmann is finally back on Watergate with his brand new ‘Run EP’ consisting of 3 superb tracks, but the B-side track ‘Hello Again’ was the one that pleased my ears the most. Next up is a track from Bastian Bux called ‘Teardrop’ that has that outer space feeling you recognise in Alex Niggeman’s music as well. A nice ticking synth layered with the hi-hats builds up the tension perfectly along with the well shaped kick drums. Lastly we have another collaboration coming from Norwegian producers Kohib and Kahuun resulting in ‘Superduplex’ – a cosmic pulsing minimal tech house track that would be great to sneak into an early morning club set.


1. Adrian Hour – Babom
2. Andreas Henneberg – Grim
3. Los Paranos – Rise Of Emotions
4. Chris Wood & Meat – Birds
5. Nicole Moudaber & Skin – Someone Like You
6. Alex Niggemann – Virgo
7. A1 Bassline – Odd Soulz
8. Marco Resmann – Hello Again
9. Bastian Bux – Teardrop
10. Kohib & Kahuun – Superduplex


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