Rework at Revolver Upstairs Friday October 2nd


The Melbourne based DJ and producer collective Rework is throwing yet another party at Revolver Upstairs this weekend. On Friday October 2nd you will be able to catch them in the front room with DJ appearances by the likes of Retza, Daniel Dixon, Damir Smith and Eastwoods

Rework is a group of long-time good friends who started the collective with the intention to unite a group of individual sounds – wether that be house or techno or somewhere in between, and push their brand of music to the dance floors of Melbourne’s underground scene. They are running a successful podcast series which have featured DJs such as Eastwoods, Dave Juric, Damon Walsh, Kasey Taylor and Jacob Malmo. They have also been very fortunate to produce sounds from the likes of Retza, Miza and many more.

Check out their latest podcast made by Eastwood:

Full lineup:

Simon Murphy
Daniel Dixon
Damir Smith
Tim Tyler
Marcus Holder

Catch these guys at Revolver Upstairs this Friday, more info is found on their Facebook event page.

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