Interview with Marco Resmann

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Marco Resmann is a guy who draws inspirations from every experience that comes upon him and is a very productive music producer, having released tracks on renown labels like Mobilee, Strictly Rhythm and Watergate Records. Apart from touring the world and producing music he is running the label Upon.You Records that has released over 60 productions from artists like Ruede Hagelstein, ONNO, Emerson Todd, Gunnar Stiller, Re-UP and, of course, mr Resmann himself. Don’t miss out on this Watergate resident DJ who will be playing in Melbourne this Saturday October 3rd for the CHI WOW WAH TOWN 2016 – Inner City Launch Party at Railway Hotel Brunswick.

You have been a resident DJ at the famous club Watergate for many years now; can you share with us your best experience in this club? What makes Watergate so special?

I’ve had plenty of great experiences so far and playing extended sets is always something special for me. My longest session was a 10 hours all night long set as Luna City Express at the beginning of this year. I’ve been playing monthly at Watergate for 9 years now and I’m not getting tired of it at all. I love that place – and it’s not just because of the LED ceiling in the main room or the location straight in front of the river.

As well as being a renown solo-producer you have had successful collaborations with artists such as Martin Landsky and Norman Weber (as Luna City Express). But what do you prefer the most – producing by yourself or with others?

I definitely like both, but working alone is something really special for me. I love to get lost in time and music by myself.


What are your main music influences for your music production today? Has this changed much since you started making music?

Actually every single experience I have somehow has an influence on me. Most recently, my daughter inspires me a lot. Playing or listening to other people’s music influences me too, as well as traveling. That’s the only thing that has changed actually, because I didn’t travel much when I started making music, so it didn’t have much impact on my productions back in the days as is does now.

In what way has your music career changed since running your own record label?

I wouldn’t say it has changed my career a lot, but of course Upon You is my own platform where I released most of my own productions. In the end I think that people notice me more as a DJ and producer than as a label owner.

What is the main focus and goal for your label Upon.You Records?

The main focus was always to work with people which are close to us and whose music we like. We have always been a small crew and almost everyone comes from or lives meanwhile in Berlin. We don’t really have a goal to be honest – it’s all about the music and we are more than glad that people keep on sending us great music. We’ll reach catalogue number 100 in December, so let’s say that the next goal is to reach number 200!

What are your top 5 tracks at the moment?

  1. Frag Maddin – Hats’n’Drive
  2. Echonomist – Divide feat.Black Soda
  3. Sierra Sam – Remember Me (Marco Resmann Remix)
  4. ONNO – Some Mo (Martin Landsky Remix)
  5. Luca Agnelli – Over The Sky

How are you going to prepare for the very long flight over to Australia in the beginning of October?

That’s a good question. I have a stopover in Bali where I’ll be playing so the flight won’t be that long. Ha ha!

Listen to Marco Resmann’s Watergate podcast below:

Down Under Tour Dates

Fri 2nd October: Jenja, Bali
Sat 3rd October: Railway Hotel, Melbourne
Sun 4th October: Capulet Bar, Brisbane
Sun 4th October: SASH, Sydney

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