LGHTNNG – Nights Change Days EP


Indie-pop band LGHTNNG from Groningen in the Netherlands is releasing their EP ‘Nights Change Days’ this Thursday. They make electropop based on the 80’s – the glorious days of the synthesizer era. They describe their music as ‘sometimes quiet and melancholic, at other times incentive and melodious’, and are inspired by the sounds of bands such as Chromatics, Electric Youth and Nite Jewel.

This EP really brings me back to memories of early 2000’s during cold winter months with clear dark skies and shining bright stars. It has a melancholic but hopeful feel to it, with cute, smooth vocals wrapped in funky pop beats. Every track is highlighted with 80’s inspired electro synths giving away an old-school feel in a modern exposition. The two last tracks ‘Sharks’ and ‘One Night Away’ are definitely the top ones in this release, although they all has a great sound and feels lik a natural progression from the one to the other.

EP Track List:

  1. Intro / Sad Humming
  2. Desert King
  3. Loneliness
  4. Sharks
  5. One Night Away

Check out their music video for their track ‘Shark’:

The two last tracks on the EP are already up on their Soundcloud, have a listen below:

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