Interview with DJ Deep


Seeing himself as somewhat of a musical filter and a self confessed vinyl junkie, DJ Deep can be found in record stores chasing jams almost every day. Following his renowned ear for a good sound he has gone through fazes of playing everything from techno to New York Deep house but always tries to deliver something of a history of both house and techno, playing what he sees as being personal “classics” rather than the hits of the day.

This legend is coming over to Australia very soon to play at Capacity on November 2nd. Whono’s got the chance to get to know him a bit better before he drops some house and techno bombs at Seven Nightclub, as well as 4 double passes to give away to you readers. Read on to get to know this techno master and how to win the tickets. 

You have been a major player in the underground house scene for around two decades now; how do you keep yourself current as a DJ and producer?

Well, I follow my instinct in what seems really inspiring at the time being. For instance when I heard the first Klockwork record by this guy Ben Klock I really wanted to know who he was – this sound really inspired me – so I called/emailed all my German friends to investigate about this. I try to follow my instinct and flair; making me go from house to techno depending on when I find one style more inspiring than the other at that particular moment.

Almost from the beginnings of the reputable Rex Club in Paris you’ve been one of their resident DJs. For anyone who has never been there what is this nightclub like? What is their secret for still being so successful after all these years?

It’s a really nice club, I’ve never been a “resident” anywhere, I had parties in a few clubs in Paris, I also need to feel some sort of freedom. Having said that, Rex has always kindly welcomed me, made me feel at home and helped me invite very inspiring artists to Paris. I think Rex found a way through the years to stay a reference in terms of quality of their bookings, and still to update their venue and sound system etc… This is probably why they have lasted so long.


How has the French underground scene of electronic music changed over the years?

Since the early days of house and techno Parisians there has been some strong forces taking part of the adventure. Record stores such as ‘Bonus Beat’ were really pushing the boundaries importing the rarest and newest records with local DJs such as Romain BNO, Laurent Garnier (of course), Guillaume La Tortue, Jérome Pac Man and more. ‘USA Import’ was another important store, as well as ‘Rough Trade’ where Ivan Smagghe and Arnaud Rebotini was working. DJs of great influence were Djulz, Philippe Zdar and La Funk Mob, Jeff K, Ludovic Navarre and Saint Germain, then Pépé Bradock, Dj Gregory, Julien Jabre etc…

Radios were also a great influence and tool and I was lucky to have shows when I was still very young. I was on Radio FG and then on Radio Nova where I met people who had always inspired me and influenced me; Loic Dury and Dj Gilb’R (who later created Versatile Records).

In my opinion there always had been a strong underground force of inspiring artists in Paris from deep house to techno. In the past recent years it’s been great to see so many young enthusiasts and music lovers who sincerely care for the music and want to embrace the movement. New parties, new clubs, new labels, new producers – all this is exciting and refreshing! But also, underground techno becomes popular and the contradiction in this sentence is to be taken in consideration!

Your collaboration EP ‘Back In The Dark’ with Jovonn got repressed in 2013. What was it like to work with the famous Jovonn? 

It was fun, I remember doing this with him in my house. He’s always been a great inspiration.

You and Roman Poncet have been working together under the name ‘Sergie Rezza’ and earlier this year you released your second album also named ‘Sergie Rezza’. Can you tell us a bit about this release and what your musical focus together is?

Well it’s been a busy year in terms of production, the Rebeval release that I did for L.I.E.S did really well and I’m very thankful that he gave me this opportunity. We are about to release our third Adventice record called “Exsurgence” on Tresor this year. This techno project we do with Roman Poncet is very exciting and we put a lot of energy in it. Here is the full Live at Weather festival in Paris.

We also just released a house project on my label Fang, that was really well received. Sergie Rezza will be properly released in November and it’s a very personal project of ours; mixing different styles and influences from industrial, ambient, New Wave to African music. Here are two extracts of our live Sergie show at ‘Institut du Monde Arabe’ in Paris for Weather festival (we also played Atonal earlier this year):

Rumour has it that you are a big record collector. Could you please share with us three records that somehow put a big imprint on you and tell us a bit about each of them?

Wow 3! That’s hard. I’ll stick to house, techno, Chicago, Detroit and NY, otherwise I won’t find a way to pick!

The title of the EP, the concept of it, the way it looked, I really remember buying it at Bonus Beat store in Paris, and when on holidays on the seaside in France I would go to my friend’s place and we would listen to it over and over; then I’d leave and play it on cassette on my walkman back to my house. I guess I was living the ‘acid life’ my way!

This was so new when it came out; today I miss the emotions, the passion and the drums that techno was all about in it’s early days. This is so intense!

I always come back to this song by Kerri – it does not age and it has a unique vibe – at least in my opinion. I really love it.

We’re all very excited to have you playing on Australian shores; what are you looking forward to the most during your tour down under?

To reconnect with the crowd – I have not been to Australia in quite a while and I’m really looking forward to discover what people are into at the moment!

Capacity with DJ Deep banner Nov 2015

DJ Deep will be playing at Seven Nightclub in South Melbourne for Stable Music‘s techno flagship event ‘Capacity’. Find more information about the event on the Facebook event page

Capacity DJ Deep ticket comp Oct 2015

WIN a double pass to see DJ Deep on November 2nd at Seven Nightclub.
Tag a friend in the comment of this Facebook post to be in the draw, the competition ends tomorrow October 30 at 7pm. 


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