SFBM – Chronotype EP [One4SevenOne]


The Melbourne based techno producer and DJ Andre Jones aka ‘SFBM‘ has released his first EP on the local label One4SevenOne Records. SFBM is a guy who has been living and breathing techno, ambient and all things electronic ever since age of 13. He is also show-runner and creator of ‘Node‘; a weekly techno and electronica show broadcasted on TRNSMT every Thursday night.

The EP starts with ‘Somnolence’ which sets a great techno vibe straight away. Hypnotic alarming sounds and percussion hits with fluttering atmospheric elements are hugging tightly around a pounding kick and a dark reverberating vocal sample. It’s like we’ve jumped straight into a 3am set on a dark yet committed dance floor. The second track is ‘Insom’ which takes us even deeper into dark territories of pumping bass frequencies. This could be set either in the early hours of the night somewhere spooky but invigorating, or very very early in the morning just before the dawn. Mesmerizing bells are teamed nicely with that heavy bassline on this track.

‘Magnitude’ takes us back to safer grounds with softer kicks and bass thuds, although keeping that mysterious and excitable feeling. A low tuned synth melody travels through the song along with a rolling bassline that produces a nice soundscape together with a loose open hi-hat on top. The last track on the EP is a remix of the first track ‘Somnolence’ by ‘Backroom Reality‘, which is a great up-funked version in a techy style. With the added toms and hats together with the surging bass it’s a track that would work great at a bush doof or outdoor festival scenery.

Chronotype EP is available for download on Beatport right now. Have a listen to the preview on Soundcloud below:

Tracks list:

1. SFBM – Somnolence (Original Mix)
2. SFBM – Insom (Original Mix)
3. SFBM – Magnitude (Original Mix)
4. SFBM – Somnolence (Backroom Reality Remix)

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