November Top New Releases

November Chart Cover 2015

The last month of spring is officially over here down under, and we have had some mad parties and festivals popping up already. Earthcore made a success just last weekend, and the week before that Strawberry Fields did another great bush doof adventure come true. Melbourne Music Week brought over some great international artists such as Cobblestone Jazz, Mathew Jonson, Robert Henke, Monolake, Echo Inspectors, Spilt Silo and more. November has been a great kick off for the busy summer ahead of us!

On this month’s chart list we’ll start with Nina Kraviz’s new track ‘I Believe I Can Fly (KLM Delayed Flight Version)’, released on her on label Trip Recordings. With echoing lyrics on top of hammering kick drums and a repeating hi-hat sequense securely tightening all sounds in, it’s just a great and well produced track that definitely deserves the first spot. The second track is a big favourite to me that I have already been playing out a few times, and was also played at earthcore during the wee hours. ‘Rebellion’ by Reset Robot has a slight acid inspired bassline with mesmerizing bells and a sparse but bass heavy thump beat encouraging you to move those feet on the dance floor.


Ejeca’s track ‘Octiv’ is the first track of his new EP ‘Avalon’ released on Last Night On Earth. This is a nice, rolling and pumping techno track where the electro inspired lead sound is something that he just tweaked live. The fourth song on the chart list is Moiré – Mirrors, released on the American label Spectral Sound. It’s another late night stomping techno track with a mystique feeling from reverberating elements, industrial ticking sounds and a raw bass sound. Following this is Doomwork’s track Marmalade on Ovum Recordings, a creation that would work great in a sunrise set somewhere outdoors in the wilderness.

The Brazilian producer ANNA keeps impressing me with her productions. This month she released ‘Freedom’ which is the second track on to the “Addiction to Control” EP on Tronic Records, a solid tech house track that justifies the great reputation she has been building lately. Phil Kieran’s track ‘Wasps Under A Toy Boat’ blew me away when I first heard it. It’s a quirky, slight off-tune buzzing melody with 8-bits elements and stomping percussions. It’s weird, it’s fun and it’s just awesome!


I’m happy to have some local productions included in this chart list. On place number 8 we find the Melbournian record label Vicious Black’s newest release made by the Greece based DJ/Producer Saccao together with Brazilian duo Drunky Daniels with “Eye On You”. This tech house track is a pleasure for the ears, a party starter with driving bass and beats. After this we have a dark techno track from Patrik Carrera remixed by Luca Agnelli called ‘Window’. This industrial sonic creation brings you right down to reality and beyond with rolling analogue synths and evil kick drums.


Lastly on November’s top new releases is another local release made by Joey Sarantis. ‘Dark Insomnia’ is a mad, bass heavy and dark track released on One4SevenOne Records based in Melbourne. With atmospheric streaks of ringing glass sounds and an hypnotic synth melody over robust kicks and snare drums, it surely takes your mind to new and interesting places and is finishing of this chart list with great style.

Tracks list:

1. Nina Kraviz – I Believe I Can Fly (KLM Delayed Flight Version)
2. Reset Robot – Rebellion
3. Ejeca – Octiv
4. Moiré – Mirrors
5. Doomwork – Marmalade
6. ANNA – Freedom
7. Phil Kieran – Wasps Under A Toy Boat
8. Saccao & Drunky Daniels – Eye On You
9. Patrik Carrera – Window (Luca Agnelli remix)
10. Joey Sarantis – Dark Insomnia

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