December Top New Releases

December Chart Cover 2015

Happy New Year all you music lovers and Whono’s readers! 2015 has now gone and left us, and we have one last month to look back at the top new releases before we move into the new year fully. Last month was as per usual busy with lots of parties during the Christmas holidays as well as New Years celebrations. There were also some very interesting music coming out during December.

Number one on this chart list was an easy choice this month. There’s some kind of magical rapturous techno and house bliss in this track that I can’t help but jump around when I hear this track. It’s KiNK’s remix of DJ Dozia – ‘Pop Culture’ of course. What else! Second on the list is Daniel Avery’s track ‘Sensation’ released on Phantasy only as a vinyl (although you get the mp3 with the purchase).  It’s an amazing, minimal tech track with big room percussion clashes and dazzling high hats in a slowly tension building trap.

skinny cat

There’s a bit of a cat theme going on this month too. Not so strangely this track ‘Skinny Cat’ by Kaiserdisco featuring Forrest is released on the cat-loving label Suara. A great tech house track to start off the night before it gets into that wild stage of music euphoria. Next up is Cera Alba’s Warehouse Re-Rub version of ‘Format’ that Cera Alba produced with Russ Yallop in August last year. A nice bouncy tech house song with acid lead line that tickles your feet into a little side-stepping routine.

Half way through the chart list we find ‘7 Direction(s)’ by Luciano with JAW on vocals. An sound balanced slow-beat track with intricate elements and a lovely piano melody in the background accompanied by the slouchy cool vocals. Moving on to PachangaStorm & Oliver Deuerling remix of Doug English & Ross Regs – Credo which is a darker sounding acid-topped track with cosmic saw synths and discrete mourning vocals.


The next cat inspired song comes from Suara label boss Coyu, but this one is released on the big Hot Creations record label. Featuring Cari Golden this track named ‘The Cat’ is a fun housey track with teasing, groovy vocals and through out. The bass is neatly following the kick and snare drums in a tantalising way. And the cat influence is like the icing on the top of this yummy tech house cake. Released on Get Physical we have Emanuel Satie’s ‘Private Show’ that made it to number 8 for December’s top list. A bass focused song that prompts you to dance along with loose toms and a low tuned brass lead melody.


Reaching the last two tracks on the list we’re coming into a smoother down-tempo mode. Traumer’s ‘Triade’ was also released on Get Physical and has that cool and slow steady beat chasing the higher frequencies that gets released fully in the  end. A beautifully composed track with a nice little break in the middle takes up number 9. Lastly is a very good production from Etapp Kyle released on Klockworks. From his latest EP ‘Axiom’ there were many great tracks to choose from. The second song ‘Sakura’ made it on the list, which is a dreamy and cosmic creation of drum machine percussions and high pitched bell-sounding hits composed into a well balanced musical techno journey.

Have a listen to the full chart list below:


1. DJ Dozia – Pop Culture (KiNK Mix)
2. Daniel Avery – Sensation
3. Kaiserdisco ft. Forrest – Skinny Cat
4. Russ Yallop & Cera Alba – Format (Cera Alba’s Warehouse Re-Rub)
5. Luciano ft. JAW – 7 Direction(s)
6. Doug English & Ross Regs – Credo (Pachanga Storm & Oliver Deuerling Remix)
7. Coyu ft. Cari Golden – The Cat
8. Emanuel Satie – Private Show
9. Traumer – Triade
10. Etapp Kyle – Sakura


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