Jeudi 14 Janvier – Igloofest Opening Week 2016

It was my first experience at Igloofest, but their 10th, I must say it was one hell of a night.


The night started on fire! When I got there, Lunice was already destroying the Sapporo Stage (main stage). I was lucky enough to go behind the Dj booth and take some shots of this crazy character. Because it was one cold night, not many people were there at first, but everyone had a smile on their face, and it filled up. Somehow there is a very good vibe at this outdoor festival.


A few moments later…

BONOBO, at this point, I was ready to go and dance for the main act, although the cold was starting to get intense. I’ve never seen such a big crowd and being on stage taking shots of Bonobo, it was one crazy party my friend. Everybody dancing like there was no tomorrow, I’ll certainly go back as soon as possible.


Article by guest writer Simon Paquin

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