Piknic Électronik #3 – Interview with Daze

PE Interview with Daze photo

Stoking the fires of early UK breakbeat house via spacial Detroit acid-electro and rough Eat Coast techno, Daze has had a huge breakout year with his ‘Lips’ white label rapidly making him one of the most hotly-tipped new producers coming out of Australia (Ballarat to be exact). After a soon to be released follow-up EP and black label on Lobster Theremin he has recently also completed his maiden tour of Europe playing a slew of gigs including a spot at famed Panorama Bar in Berlin. This Sunday we will get to see him perform at Piknic Électronik at The Paddock alongside KIM from The Presets, Mistress Barbara, Mike Callander and Simon TK. 

How did growing up in smaller city like Ballarat affect your early music influences and opportunities?

I’m confident that Ballarat didn’t directly affect my early influences, growing up during the internet generation means I still took my influences from places like Detroit and Chicago as many others would have. There isn’t any infrastructure or scene to be able to support a person doing what I do in Ballarat, so if it had any great influence it was in keeping me in on weekends working on music. I was surprised at how my opportunities also weren’t negatively effected by being from a regional area, I was still able to hook up with Ollie at Elastic Artists and Jimmy at Lobster Theremin and take my music to a larger audience in Europe without much trouble.

When and how was your first encounter with electronic music?

Great question – perhaps a Prodigy CD a mate showed me in early high school?

What do you use mostly when producing – hardware or software?

I made the transition from software to hardware a couple of years back, now my setup is based around my MPC and a couple of synths and drum machines which I record to a busted tape recorder I found on Gumtree. No high quality recording processes here.

How do you seek inspiration for upcoming EPs?

I’m always making music, so often when it’s time to compile a record together its just a case of trying to pick some tracks with a consistent theme, however I haven’t yet sat down to plan a record per se. I’m sure that day will come however.


How did you go about to release records on an overseas label like Lobster Theremin from the UK?

I was contacted by Jimmy via email a few years back about a couple of tracks I’d put online (Lips & Untitled that ended up on my first record), and we went from there. We’ve built a great working relationship and now I’ve done several records for the label and Jimmy lets me crash at his place in East London while I’m on tour – thanks internet. Hopefully there’s plenty more to come.

If you could pick your top 3 artists to do a remix for, who would they be?

Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia – The Tilburg masters I’ve always obsessed over. Probably because it would mean I’d be able to actually own some of their music rather than rinsing it on youtube. Represses please!

Blake Baxter – always loved his output.

Raw M.T – LT man straight killing it consistently.

What has been your best DJ experience so far in your career?

Probably being asked to play Klubnacht at Berghain late last year with Answer Code Request, Stanislav Tolkachev, Developer and DVS1. I won’t ever forget that. Also getting to close a Lobster Theremin showcase in Panorama Bar over Easter last year was incredibly special.

Can you reveal any exciting upcoming music projects or releases from you this year?

I’ve got a new record on LT’s black label offshoot thats just arrived at LT HQ, that should be in the shops soon. A record with Sydney label Noise In My Head will soon follow, and I’ve begun working on a couple of others for labels that will hopefully see the light of day sometime this year.

Have a listen to Daze’s podcast for Melbourne Deepcast last year and get ready for this Sunday at The Paddock!

More information about Piknic Électronik and upcoming events can be found on their official website.

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