Interview with German Brigante


There are few figures in electronic music who reach such a level of popularity as German Brigante. Taking over one country at a time, the Spanish export has been sought out to play at global haunts such as Sankeys, and Ministry of Sound in the UK, The House of M.A.N.D.Y. in Berlin and The Scala for Ibiza’s closing party. Known for dropping dancefloor-fillers, Brigante has a knack for making groovy house tracks with techno undertones. Releasing on some of the most renowned labels including Get Physical, Saved and Off Recordings, Brigante sits on an anthem-packed discography, including his debut EP Mr. President. Whono’s got the chance to chat to him about his production and DJ touring prior to his debut Australian tour and gig at Brown Alley in Melbourne on the 5th of February. 

When you’re producing music, what is it that you are focusing most on to get the sound you want?

For me the most important thing is being relaxed; my mood is really important when I’m producing. If I’m happy and quiet then inspiration comes. I also get inspired by soundtracks.

Which DJ gig has been your all time favourite so far in your career?

Honestly it would be really difficult for me choose one because I have a great memory of some of them due to the feeling I’ve had with the public: Warung Festival – Campinas (bra), Watergate – Berlin, Baum – Bogotá, Colombia, Festival Alternativo – Londrina, Truth – Johannesburg… the list goes on.

What are your top 3 tracks to play out at the moment? 

  1. Lancaster – Nothing Like That
  1. David Mayer feat Sooma – Blood
  1. Tiefschwarz – Fire It Out

Are you an analogue or digital lover? And what is your most precious gear in your studio?

I prefer analog but I also use digital. I wouldn’t swap anything for my; Moog Sub 37, Roland Juno-106 and the drum machine MFB Tanzbär.

You’re touring all over the world and are well known in the international underground house scene. What do you think was one of the main things that took your DJ and producer career to where you are now? 

I think that my perseverance and my willing to keep improving and learning in music production.

If there was only one single instrument that would be allowed to be played and heard in the world, which one would you choose and why?

I would choose piano because I think is the instrument that transmit the most when it’s play on it’s own. Although I would also say flamenco guitar for my father’s respect.

We are very excited to have you here in Australia this month. What are you expecting from your first tour down under?

I’ve got good references from colleagues who have already been there. I also receive a lot messages from Australians that are into electronic music.

Listen to German Brigante’s podcast for Balance Series and get into sweet tech house mode before Feb 5th! 

german brigante event banner

Catch German Brigante at Brown Alley on Friday February 5th alongside Catz N Dogz, Niko Schwind and Oliver Koletzki, presented by Thick As Thieves and Trust. You can find more information about the event at the Facebook event page.

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