Jeudi 21 Janvier – Igloofest with Tiga and The Martinez Brothers


Bonjour, Hi, Hola!
I don’t know how this happened but I went to Igloofest for a second time in 2 weeks and I was blown away by the straight fire energy this guy Sleepy Tom was dropping on the dance floor.
If it was your first time, you chose well young padawan. I had so much fun dancing, taking pics and take vids (for my vlog, seamless plug haha). In case you didn’t know about Sleepy Tom before you sure know now that he recently made a record with the one and only Diplo called ‘Be Right There’.

Some time later… or was it before? I can’t remember, I went to see Tiga! One of the coolest techno heads in the world, is actually from Montreal. He gave us so much bass that we couldn’t feel the cold anymore (which was nice). BUT WAIT. Yes you are seeing correctly, he’s doing a B2B with the famous Martinez Brothers and apparently the joke was really funny!
Tiga has just come off releasing his latest single, Planet E, a smash tech hit! Get on it, really. There’s not much else to say about this Montreal legend.


That was that for my night, I hope you had fun? did you? if you did tell me! I want to hear your funny stories!
I’m out!


Article by guest writer Simon Paquin

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