KONTRAST Mini-Mix #3.2 - MALOU

In her teenage years, ground breaking events like Awakenings at the Gashouder in Amsterdam were only a bike ride away, marking MaloU’s love and drive for the techno music scene. Inspired by her father’s career as a Sound Engineer and influenced by her mum’s creative and organisational skills doing decor and events, MaloU was equipped to follow her passion.

Her interests are broad, whether it be playing deep, hypnotic, minimalistic techno sounds or high energy rolling beats. MaloU has shared her visions through projects such as Unfold Music, which hit the ground running from early 2015. After an exciting collaboration with Louk Syrylo as “Malouk” and playing in various venues around Australia supporting local and international acts, MaloU is now set to follow her own personal musical journey.

Your dad was a sound engineer during his lifetime, how has that affected your way of looking at music and the way you DJ?

Yeah, my dad was a post-production sound engineer for film and TV and he was also in a couple of bands so I have been surrounded by music since a young age. He absolutely loved his synthesiser, jamming away until late in the night and I was always impressed seeing how you can manipulate video with sound and make a scene to be perceived completely different. Having a professional studio at home with lots of toys and seeing the endless possibilities of sound have certainly broadened my perspective on music and how I want to perform as a DJ.

Earthcore 2

What is the biggest personal change you’ve made?

This would definitely be my move to Australia 6 years ago. I feel have found my home and I look forward to settling down here in the most liveable city in the world with the most amazing people I could ever wish for.

I know you’re a massive techno lover, but what other genres do you enjoy listening to? 

I love all types of music depending on the mood I am in. I think it’s a hard question to answer as I love so many different types of acts and artists that I could bore you for at least a couple of hours. Coming from a European capital, we have been pretty spoiled with our choice of concerts and festivals and going to live gigs is certainly something I miss from living in Australia. I should really put some more effort into following some cool local bands. Last couple of great live performances I saw were Thievery Corporation, Bonobo, Tygo and Prince – all in my list of favourites. Others great concerts I have been to in the last couple of years are Apparat, Minilogue, Extrawelt, Whitest boys alive, Fink and Lamb.

Have a listen to this exclusive mini-mix by MaloU as the second episode of our KONTRAST Mini-Mix Series #3. Jump on this mesmerizing journey through melodic, dreamy techno landscapes.


1. Hemisphere (NL) – Analogue Pulse
2. Joel Mull – Sending Probe
3. Reinier Zonneveld – Trackstomp
4. Philip Row – Slope (Jonas Kopp Remix)
5. Nick Höppner – Come Closer (Liit Remix)
6. Marcel Fengler – Mosaique
7. Tobias. – He said
8. WhoMadeWho – Ember (Santé remix)
9. Pig&Dan – Eagles from Space (Alt Mix)

KONTRAST is a collective of creative spirits who loves to combine raw sounds, dark, thumping beats and intense, edgy musical experiences with extraordinary visual elements in an experimental and innovative way. We want to build something new, colourful and unforgettable and to explore how sounds, shapes and visual imprints together can create something bigger than ourselves, and a different state of mind. The third series of the KONTRAST mini-mix series will run from March 16 to April 6th, and there will be an exclusive podcast from each artist with a short interview to get to know them better.

Mini-Mix Series #3:

#3.1 – March 16 – Andre Le Vogue
#3.2 – March 23 – Malou
#3.3 – March 30 – Mo Ichi
#3.4 – April 6 – Safari

To learn more about KONTRAST Collective check out their Facebook Page. Listen to their previous mini-mix series on their Soundcloud.

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