Interview with Kevin Karlberg [Stable Music]

Kevin in the studio

Kevin Karlberg is the man who’s rarely in the stage light but behind most parties in the electronic scene in Melbourne, influencing what music is being played in nightclubs and what artists that are being showcased. He’s the guy behind Stable Music, an events organisation and music agency that has run or been part of many big events such as Summer Series, Capacity, Red Bull Music Academy, Kubik Melbourne, Where?House, Melbourne Music Week and the currently running Piknic Electronik

This Sunday he’s running a Stable Music showcase with VAMOS The After Party – the place to go to when Piknic Electronik has closed their gates and you still need another boogie before your weekend ends. Whono’s Music took the opportunity to interview this mastermind behind all the music, parties and talented DJs.

First things first, how did you get into the music industry?

Actually I was just asked by a good friend for some help with running the door at a show and then he asked me to get on board with a project called Acid Reign but over the years I have worked with everyone in Melbourne in one way or another.

Can you tell us how Stable Music were born? How did you come up with the name?

Stable Music came about from a local artist called Lynt aka Karl Stanton who just wanted to have someone handle his booking and music life but we had no name for it for about a year I think. It’s hard to say who came up with the name but but we both felt it had a double meaning with “Stable” for stability and “Stable” as in thoroughbred racers but this was more when were were focused on the booking agency and now we are more of a collective of like minded artists and producers.

20160314- vamos 130316 054

You are showcasing many talents and artists in Melbourne, but you also produce music yourself. What kind of sound are you striving for?

I’d like to say something cleaver but I’m 110% techno, even the ambient works I am working on are really just layered textures for B sides of the releases.

Who’s your biggest music inspiration?

It’s tough to say but local producers Viridian, Harris Robotis, Vohkinne, Mike Callander and Galambo at moment are killing it but no one has more sound than Richard Devine. I always liked the simplicity of the Plastikman project and the Pole Group guys can do no wrong at the moment. Mark Pritchard’s new album will be a game changer when it drops too, that guy is on another level. Like I said, it’s tough to narrow it down but by far Apex Twin is my most listened to artist and biggest influence.

You have put on major events around Melbourne for a long time now. What are the key elements to a successful show?

Just present an event that you would go to if it wasn’t yours and you can’t go wrong.

What Stable event has been the most memorable so far for you? 

We produce such and array of events from concerts to sound installations, techno shows and of coarse Piknic Electronik but I must say it’s always a pleasure to have Mike Banks in town. The Underground Resistance crew are family and it’s always fun hanging out with the band so both Galaxy 2 Galaxy & Timeline shows were special as a lot of my closer friends attend these shows and makes it just that little bit more special.

All that aside, Piknic Electronik is a tight group and the team make the good and the bad times well worth the effort. I actually Get Piknic home sick in the winter months and miss my time with our Montreal friends.

kevin image

You have showcased many big artists over the years. Who is the next big talent that you’d love to bring over to Australia?

You’ll see in December, it’s top secret at the moment but for me it’s not who to bring but where to put them that will make it special.

How do you see Stable Music in 5 years? 10 years?

Record Label in the next 12 months followed by 2 more major events that will come to Melbourne. Piknic will grow and more to more cities in the coming years and we’ll be expanding the family in a big way really soon.

Right now you are running the Piknic Electronik events with the final show on April 3rd. What events have you got planned after this?

Post Piknic we’ll planning for the following season and also launching a new project called #bueno in Brunswick monthly to add a little fun to the club experience and there will be some sound art workshops and producers conference in the works.

For more information about the Stable Music showcase with VAMOS at Boney this Sunday check out the Facebook event. To keep up with upcoming Stable events jump on to their Facebook page.


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